Coding courses for kids

December Holiday Courses

Online tech courses for kids 8-17

During the December holidays, Fire Tech’s expert tutors are inspiring young people to dream big!

We have an exciting range of tech courses that bring together creativity, problem-solving, and design thinking. Classes are taught live online in small class sizes of up to eight students.

Our students have already built AI models to help self-driving cars detect pedestrians on the road, designed virtual worlds to explore Ancient Egypt, and discovered how Python coding is used by Instagram, Google, and other online blockbusters.

Fire Tech’s December holiday courses run for five days between 13-17th December 2020. Click here to view courses and please get in touch if you have any questions.



If you have a course coming up use the login details for the student that is going to attend, on the computer they will be using.

Don't see a login for your child?
Please check you have assigned them to the course you booked and contact us for help if needed.