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PHOTO: Inspiring tech courses all year round

Inspiring tech courses all year round

Learn and create using cutting-edge tech skills throughout the year at a time that suits you. Small classes and live online tuition from expert tutors help you learn - fast.

Teen Coding with Python - Build Amazing Projects - After School

NEW! Broaden and deepen your understanding of Python by working on real-world projects. Build fantastic desktop apps and websites and hack on any project from your own imagination.

HackLab Computer Club - After School

HackLab is your One-Stop all-purpose computer club. If you just love technology in general but you’re not quite sure what you’re really interested in, this is the place for you. Experience everything from programming to digital art in this casual, super fun weekly club.

Teen Coding with Python - After School

star rating
46 Ratings

Get familiar with Python, one of the most widely-used and widely-taught programming languages in senior schools, universities and businesses, and learn to code from the ground up.

Teen Coding with Python II - After School

star rating
63 Ratings

Take your coding further with this second step in learning Python. This course builds on the Python fundamentals covered in the Teen Coding with Python course. 

Senior Adventures in Artificial Intelligence - After School

star rating
52 Ratings

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the hottest topic in tech. Learners will build AI models to control autonomous vehicles and smart homes, and try to predict a movie's success based on its poster. The ideal course to inspire further learning in ...

Coding Games with Java - After School

star rating
33 Ratings

Master key computing concepts and coding basics. Students will use Java and the Greenfoot library to learn computer science theory, syntax, and object oriented coding.

Teen Coding with Java - After School

NEW! Meet Java, the language that powers Android phones and the world's best selling video game, Minecraft. Challenging, interactive and lots of fun, students will be taught key Java programming concepts and how to apply them in exciting ways.

Digital Photography and Photoshop - After School

star rating
25 Ratings

Learn how to take stunning photos and build a photography portfolio that you can share with friends and family! 

Creating for YouTube - After School

star rating
18 Ratings

Learn to create eye-catching content with this creative course. Become a YouTube influencer with original content and master YouTube's professional tools. The sky's the limit!

Digital Music Production - After School

star rating
29 Ratings

Learn one of the industry’s leading Digital Audio Workstations, Ableton Live, and make music the way the professionals do. 

Creative Digital Design - After School

star rating
36 Ratings

Build a unique media portfolio with Adobe Creative Cloud! Learn basic photography, videography, and audio processing so that you can create stunning visual media.

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