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PHOTO: Entertaining Online Experiences You'll Love

Entertaining Online Experiences You'll Love

Fire Tech Experiences are short, 1-2 hour online webinar-style tutorials focused on a single amazing aspect of technology, on topics you will love. Jump in and discover something incredible today!

Introduction to Sports Broadcasting and Photography

We all love watching our favourite sports events onscreen and seeing stunning images of our sporting heroes in action. Discover how these events are broadcast to millions, and how camera operators and photographers capture such fast moving action in dramatic, crystal-clear detail!

Create Awesome Posters in PowerPoint

Discover the surprising power of MS PowerPoint as a fast and flexible way of creating awesome graphic designs. In this informative and light-hearted session we'll focus on designing some fantastic posters you can show off!

Create Animated and Interactive E-Cards

In this experience we'll not only show you how to create amazing cards for your friends and family but also how to share them online so you can share them with anyone!

Online Video Editing

Start your journey to becoming the next Steven Spielberg. In this eye-catching Fire Tech Experience, you'll learn how to start editing video, and adding images and sound to really make your videos pop, using nothing but low cost or free online tools. Next stop, the Oscars!

Where Did The Ball Go? GPS Tracking in Sport

This eye-opening Experience looks at amazing new applications for the Global Positioning System (GPS) in sports. We'll check out GPS applications in football, rugby, hockey, fishing, cycling, golf and more, with lots of opportunity for interactivity and questioning.

Let's Get Snappy With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the technology behind popular video games like Pokemon Go. Learn some of the secrets of Augmented Reality by creating some amazing filters to wow your friends and family on video calls.


Create Visual Stories Using Scratch

Are you fed up making the same old types of game in Scratch? Why not explore a different use for Scratch and learn to make Visual Stories with narration or simple animation to help tell the story in a new way. There's always something new to learn when it comes to using Scratch!

Build Your Own Text Adventure Game

Have you ever wanted to create your own text-based game, where the player has to make decisions to choose the next step in the adventure? If so then this is the Fire Tech Experience for you! We'll take you through how to plan out your adventure, how to use Twine to build it and how...

Build a Virtual Escape Room

Have you been yearning to create an Escape Room for your friends to try out? Are you desperate to boggle your friends' brains with the fiendish puzzles you've devised? Then why not learn how to build your own Virtual Escape Room in the form of a website. We'll use simple online too...

Making Games in PowerPoint

MS PowerPoint is one the most powerful pieces of office software and incorporates some surprisingly cool tools that can accomplish more than you may have realised. In this FireTech Experience, you'll learn some nifty tips and tricks and see how we can even make a game.

Build a Reaction Timer in Scratch

Discover how modern technology is helping us measure and improve performance in sports, and test out your own reaction times with a nifty reaction timer game you can make yourself in Scratch!

3D Printing Will Change The World

Ever had an idea or an invention and wondered how to make it real? After this new Fire Tech Experience, you’ll be creating unique 3D objects that bring your wildest ideas into reality. And they will look awesome too!

Galactic Voyager in Minecraft

Discover an exciting new way to learn about space travel with a space-themed Minecraft mod pack called Galacticraft. Transform Minecraft with features such as the solar system, rocket machinery and fantastic new tools.

Ultimate Factory Builder in Minecraft

In this Experience, you'll discover amazing Minecraft mod-packs you can use to combine complex machines, pipes, filters and sorters to craft completely automated factories. Discover new tools and computing concepts and get ready to be blown away.

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