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PHOTO: Entertaining Online Experiences You'll Love

Entertaining Online Experiences You'll Love

Fire Tech Experiences are short, 1-2 hour online webinar-style tutorials focused on a single amazing aspect of technology, on topics you will love. Jump in and discover something incredible today!

Let's Get Snappy With Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality is the technology behind popular video games like Pokemon Go. Learn some of the secrets of Augmented Reality by creating some amazing filters to wow your friends and family on video calls.


Build an Escape Room in Fortnite Creative Mode

Explore the power of Fortnite's fantastic Creative Mode to build a digital Escape Room. We'll explore how to set up logic puzzles, mazes and clues, and make your creation available to others. If we're clever about it, you'll practice some problem solving and computational skills th...

Coding with Minecraft

Have you ever wanted to be able to write a computer program that would talk to Minecraft and make things happen in the Minecraft World? Then this Experience is for you! We'll take you through the steps to get set up and ready to program, and demonstrate some of the fantastic things...

Animate Everything

Are you a budding animator or video editor? Do you want to be the talent behind the next Pixar or Disney? Maybe you love creating videos and want to take them to a whole new level by adding cool special effects and transitions? This Fire Tech Experience will show you how to get sta...

Build A Mobile Phone App

Have you ever had a great idea for a simple Mobile App but not known where to start to build it? Join us for an introduction to Thunkable, a block-based programming environment that allows you to build simple Mobile Phone Apps with minimal prior knowledge. Whether you're looking to...

Use Python To Edit All Of Your Images

Learn how you can harness the power of Python and the Pillow library to create pipelines of effects which can be chained together and then applied to multiple files. Explore how image files store their data and how to manipulate this data to create cool effects.

Create Your Own Hollywood Special Effects

Learn how to apply Hollywood-style visual effects to video taken from nothing but a phone camera. The results are sure to surprise and confound. Expect flaming fireballs and magical teleportation tricks, all via the amazing technology of Adobe After Effects.

FREE your computer

Learn how to unlock the potential of your computer with FREE software that takes on the big brands! We'll show you free alternatives for document creation, team creation, video editing, photo editing and also how to set up your very own Linux machine! 

So You Want To Do A Livestream?

So you want to get started with Livestreaming? Join us on this super informative Fire Tech Experience, and we'll help you get set up with one of the best tools available, OBS. We'll show you what settings should you use in OBS to improve the quality of your streams and how to add e...

Learn GO Lang - Google's Programming Language

GO forms the basis of so many of the top cloud services used by big companies such as Spotify, Adidas, Huawei and IBM. Come and learn what all the fuss is about!

The Ultimate Guide to PC Building

Ever wondered about building your own PC and don't know where to start? Well start right here! We'll help you get started and guide you through all the decisions you'll need to make along the way to making your own awesomely powerful machine.

Introduction to JavaScript

JavaScript is at the heart of so many technologies. You can use it  to create interactive webpages, games, mobile phone apps and desktop application for OSX, Windows and Linux.

The Great Big Monster Videogame Quiz!

Reckon you know videogames? Then pit your wits against your competitors in our All Live Great Big Videogame Monster Challenge Quiz! Led by our funky, all-knowing Videogame Quiz Leader, we'll deliver rapid-fire questions about videogames new and old, and maybe even delve into some o...

Online Video Editing

Start your journey to becoming the next Steven Spielberg. In this eye-catching Fire Tech Experience, you'll learn how to start editing video, and adding images and sound to really make your videos pop, using nothing but low cost or free online tools. Next stop, the Oscars!

Meet the Synthesizer - Create Sizzling Hits In Minutes

Learn the fundamentals of digital audio and sound design, using a browser-based synthesizer program to create your own unique sounds.

Galactic Voyager in Minecraft

Discover an exciting new way to learn about space travel with a space-themed Minecraft mod pack called Galacticraft. Transform Minecraft with features such as the solar system, rocket machinery and fantastic new tools.

How Computers Solve Mazes - Introduction to Pathfinding

Learn about the fundamentals of the pathfinding algorithms behind apps like Google Maps. Learn about applications in videogames by pathfinding in environments with obstacles and different terrains.

Introduction to Algoraves – Create Code with Music!

In this fantastically inspiring session, you will be introduced to the programming language Sonic Pi, and use this to create your own algorithmically generated beats and melodies.

Can A Computer Choose Your Clothes? Neural Networks in AI

A fascinating exploration of how A.I. applications recognise numbers, text, sound and images. By analysing our photos of our clothing preferences, could a computer choose our next outfit? Let's give it a go!

Creating Graphics and Animation in PowerPoint

This fun and entertaining Fire Tech Experience will teach you how to create graphic art and animations using MS PowerPoint.

Ultimate Factory Builder in Minecraft

In this Experience, you'll discover amazing Minecraft mod-packs you can use to combine complex machines, pipes, filters and sorters to craft completely automated factories. Discover new tools and computing concepts and get ready to be blown away.

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