PHOTO: Entertaining Online Experiences You'll Love

Entertaining Online Experiences You'll Love

Fire Tech Experiences are short, 1-2 hour online webinar-style tutorials focused on a single amazing aspect of technology, on topics you will love. Jump in and discover something incredible today!

Mixing Like a Pro – Create Sounds Worth Sharing!

Don’t let your music fail at the final hurdle - mix like a pro and watch the plays come rolling in!

Introduction to Algoraves – Create Code with Music!

In this fantastically inspiring session, you will be introduced to the programming language Sonic Pi, and use this to create your own algorithmically generated beats and melodies.

Build Your Music Business Empire in 1 Hour!

Ever wanted to start your own record label? Stop being a musical “wantrepreneur” and become the entrepreneur you know you can be. This Fire Tech Experience will help you create an incredible home for your favourite music!

Can a computer choose your clothes? Neural networks in AI

A fascinating exploration of how A.I. applications recognise numbers, text, sound and images. By analysing our photos of our clothing preferences, could a computer choose our next outfit? Let's give it a go!

Creating Graphics and Animation in PowerPoint

This fun and entertaining Fire Tech Experience will teach you how to create graphic art and animations using MS PowerPoint.

Ultimate Factory Builder in Minecraft

In this Experience, you'll discover amazing Minecraft mod-packs you can use to combine complex machines, pipes, filters and sorters to craft completely automated factories. Discover new tools and computing concepts and get ready to be blown away.

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