PHOTO: Entertaining Online Experiences You'll Love

Entertaining Online Experiences You'll Love

Fire Tech Experiences are short, 1-2 hour online webinar-style tutorials focused on a single amazing aspect of technology, on topics you will love. Jump in and discover something incredible today!

Meet the Synthesizer - Create Sizzling Hits In Minutes

Learn the fundamentals of digital audio and sound design, using a browser-based synthesizer program to create your own unique sounds.

3D Printing Will Change The World

Ever had an idea or an invention and wondered how to make it real? After this new Fire Tech Experience, you’ll be creating unique 3D objects that bring your wildest ideas into reality. And they will look awesome too!

Galactic Voyager in Minecraft

Discover an exciting new way to learn about space travel with a space-themed Minecraft mod pack called Galacticraft. Transform Minecraft with features such as the solar system, rocket machinery and fantastic new tools.

How Computers Solve Mazes - Introduction to Pathfinding

Learn about the fundamentals of the pathfinding algorithms behind apps like Google Maps. Learn about applications in videogames by pathfinding in environments with obstacles and different terrains.

Introduction to Algoraves – Create Code with Music!

In this fantastically inspiring session, you will be introduced to the programming language Sonic Pi, and use this to create your own algorithmically generated beats and melodies.

Creating Graphics and Animation in PowerPoint

This fun and entertaining Fire Tech Experience will teach you how to create graphic art and animations using MS PowerPoint.

Ultimate Factory Builder in Minecraft

In this Experience, you'll discover amazing Minecraft mod-packs you can use to combine complex machines, pipes, filters and sorters to craft completely automated factories. Discover new tools and computing concepts and get ready to be blown away.

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