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Where Did the Ball Go? GPS Tracking in Sports

  • Ages 9 - 12
  • Creative
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This eye-opening Experience looks at some of the amazing new applications for the Global Positioning System (GPS) in sports and imagines where trends are headed in the future. We'll begin with the fundamentals of GPS to understand why it was created and how it works.

In fact, the system was created by the United States Department of Defense, and in 1983 President Ronald Reagan made an order to allow anyone to use the system. 

With modern advances in Sports Technology, GPS can be applied to detect player fatigue in matches, to identify periods of intense play, different activity roles by position, competition level, and distances covered by players.

More recent developments have integrated GPS data with the physical capacity or fitness test score of athletes, game-specific tasks, or tactical or strategic information.

We'll look at a wide range of sports and consider GPS applications present and future in football, rugby, hockey, fishing, cycling, golf and more, with lots of opportunity for interactivity and questioning. This is a great Experience session for sports-and-tech-loving young people who are curious about the future of this fascinating field.

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Where Did the Ball Go? GPS Tracking in Sports

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