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Career Experience In Video Game Design

  • Ages 15 - 17
  • Games
    • Week Long
  • Online

Interested in working in the video game industry? Discover what it might be like, exploring aspects of the industry, different job types and realistic video game projects with your own human coach. Finish with a complete skills report and a career experience reference.

The gap between what young people need to be able to deliver in the world of work, and what they are taught at school is growing wider, especially around digital skills. At the same time it is becoming more difficult for companies - and in particular tech companies which are increasingly the engine of our economy - to show young people what it would be like to work for them.

On this unique video game career experience course, you can change that.

You will discover lots of fascinating facts about the industry and discover what it could be like to work for a virtual indie video game design studio. You will learn about prototyping games, adapting to feedback and pitching your ideas. This is your opportunity to be part of a Video Game Design Team and work alongside live teammates to build a video game you can put on your portfolio.

Career Experience In Video Game Design

Available in these formats:

  • Intensive Week-long
    Intensive Week-long

    4-5 day intensive courses which run during school breaks. Providing up to 5 hours per day of accelerated learning. Taught live and online by our tutors!