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Teen Coding With Python - Build Amazing Projects

  • Ages 14 - 17
  • Coding
    • Week Long
    • Part Time
  • Online

Develop your understanding of Python by working on real-world projects. Build fantastic desktop apps, websites and videogames, and hack on any project from your own imagination!

In this advanced course, you'll spend time learning how to build websites using the Flask web framework that is used by Netflix, Uber and Lyft to power parts of their infrastructure. Next, you'll learn how to build desktop apps using a professional-grade GUI library. Then you'll move on to look at how Python is used in Data Science and Machine Learning, before spending further time building video games using the Pyglet library. Finally, you'll get a chance to hack on a project of your own devising based on one of the topics you've covered earlier in the course.

Whether you dream of building the next million-pound start-up, working at Facebook or Google, or becoming a Data Scientist, this course will give you a valuable skill to build a rewarding career in whatever field you choose. 

The course will assume all students have at least a familiarity with Object-Oriented Programming and will give you the opportunity to develop this more fully by solving real-world problems. If you're interested in studying Computer Science to A-Level and beyond or are just fascinated by programming this course will help you extend your knowledge further.

Teen Coding With Python - Build Amazing Projects

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    After School & Weekends

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    Intensive Week-long

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