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So You Want to Do a Livestream

  • Ages 12 - 17
  • Creative
    • Experience
  • Online

So you've decided that you want to start livestreaming to one of the major platforms, but what does that mean? How can you share your desktop and a webcam simultaneously to the stream? How can you easily change between different layouts? How can you get cool transitions, stingers and other effects into your stream?

That's where OBS comes in. Short for Open Broadcaster Software, OBS is the package that you should use to achieve all of the above things in your streams. But how can you get it set up to use? That's where this experience comes in.

Learn how to get set up with OBS. What settings should you use? How do you connect it to Twitch or YouTube? How should you arrange your inputs? What if you want to stream from a game? How can you add cool transitions and other effects to your stream? Where can you find more information? We'll cover all of this and more.

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So You Want to Do a Livestream

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    Short Experiences

    Short single-session events lasting one hour. Great as bite-sized tasters to explore something new or as standalone events on a particular topic!