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Making Games With ROBLOX

  • Ages 9 - 12
  • Coding
    • Week Long
    • Part Time
  • Online

This fantastic course is based on the amazingly popular Roblox platform, and introduces budding young designers and developers to the principles of practical game design & development, world building and Lua programming.

Students will first be introduced to Roblox and to Roblox Studio as a platform for creating games. They will build an obstacle course (Obby) game and publish their game for others to play. Next, students will meet programming concepts using Lua, creating custom interactive obstacles for their Obby game. Student will also create their own unique Roblox games and publish them to the Internet for anyone to play!

Using Roblox terrain editor tools, students will then build a basic RPG where they can explore a custom built world and harvest the items they have created.

This course is designed for students aged 9-12 who may or may not have programmed previously. Some may have already played Roblox games, or even made their own. Others may have experience with different game engines or programming languages, whilst there may be some for whom game development and programming is a completely new endeavour.

Making Games With ROBLOX

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