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Introduction to Sports Photography

  • Ages 9 - 12
  • Creative
    • Experience
  • Online

We all enjoy watching our favourite sports events onscreen and seeing stunning images of our sporting heroes in action. This fascinating Experience will introduce you to some of the ways these events are broadcast to millions of people around the world, and how camera operators and photographers can capture such fast moving action in dramatic, crystal-clear detail.

Our sports-crazy - and ludicrously entertaining - photography expert will discuss the broadcasting of sports events at large and small scales, using anything from YouTube Live to a Virtual Studio with Unreal Engine originally designed for videogames. Then we look at Sports Photography in detail. How is it possible to produce crisp, dynamic images of a speeding object without expensive equipment?

We'll explore the goals of a sports photographer/videographer. Generally their objective is to capture the action so that a viewer will feel like they’re watching live in person. We'll discuss the techniques that go into making a shot look good, the Rule of Thirds, symmetry and the pros and cons of motion blur.

The presenter will show how to upload images to Lightroom (either the web app or desktop app, both are free to use). We'll consider how different light, colour, and effects can change our perception of an image, how Presets work, and how to reset an image to its original condition. See how some amazing, championship-winning effects can be achieved!

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Introduction to Sports Photography

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