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Danger on Volcano Beach! Build a deadly platform game using Java

  • Ages 9 - 17
  • Coding
    • Self Guided
  • Online

Available as part of the Fire Tech Unlimited Membership, this self guided project will teach you to build your own video games using Java and the Greenfoot platform, developed at the University of Kent. Greenfoot makes coding interactive, easy and fun, providing a supportive environment for the creation of 2D graphical games and simulations.

You'll design a series of cool games as you go from game consumer to game creator. By the end of the course, you'll have made numerous different games, readying you to make a platformer called Danger on Volcano Beach using all of the skills you've learnt along the way.

This is an excellent first project-based coding project-based course for teens aged 12+ and no previous programming knowledge is required, just imagination and the desire to make cool games!

This is an independent learning course, with a focus on project work. Students will work independently at their own pace through learning materials and assignments, and should they need it they will be able to access live Help Clinics they can join to get answers to questions they may have.

Once you have purchased a Fire Tech Unlimited Membership, you can access the project here.

Danger on Volcano Beach! Build a deadly platform game using Java

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