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Create the Chat-A-Bot with Artificial Intelligence

  • Ages 9 - 17
  • Artificial Intelligence
    • Self Guided
  • Online

Learn about the potential of AI and how to build your own AI models in this super informative, independent-learning course, available as part of the Fire Tech Unlimited Membership, When you're ready, it's time to design a highly knowledgeable, fact-filled, joke-telling chatbot.

This course does more than teach the fundamentals of A.I. It also explores issues of computer bias, ethics and the moral dilemmas programmers face when using Artificial Intelligence. This is the ideal course to spark interest in this important and dynamic technological field, and will inspire students to continue their learning journey in A.I. 

This is an independent learning course, with a focus on project work. Students will work independently at their own pace through learning materials and assignments, and should they need it they will be able to join a live Help Clinic to get answers to questions they may have.

Once you have a Fire Tech Unlimited Membership, you can access the project here.

Create the Chat-A-Bot with Artificial Intelligence

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  • Self-Guided
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