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Can computers choose your clothes? AI neural networks

  • Ages 13 - 17
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This fascinating session will explain the principles behind Convolutional Neural Networks (CNN) , a method used by A.I. applications to recognise numbers, text, sound and images. For example, by analysing photos of our clothing preferences, could a computer choose our next outfit? Let's give it a go!

The CNN method was inspired by the way neurons communicate with each other in our brains; computers try to mimic the architecture of the human brain and process data both in parallel and sequentially in order to recognise stimuli they’ve never been exposed to. 

In the first half of this Fire Tech Experience, we’ll familiarise ourselves with the principles of CNN, how they work, their structure and applications.

In the second half, we will talk about the technical application of CNN, we’ll try to understand the code behind them and attempt to write down a sound recognition algorithm by ourselves!

FireTech Experiences are a new series of short, high interest, fun and engaging tech demonstrations and talks. These are delivered in webinar style, using Zoom, with the main expert tutor showcasing a new interesting aspect of technology and learning. Apart from Zoom, no other downloads are required.

Can computers choose your clothes? AI neural networks

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