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Animate Your Own Cartoon

  • Ages 9 - 12
  • Animation
    • Experience
  • Online

This fantastical Fire Tech Experience will plunge you headlong into the highly imaginative world of animation! Led by our very "animated" young instructor, you'll discover the origins of how animation began, the most popular types of animations and how you too can begin to create your own.

Learn how to plan your stories, create your own characters and animate them step-by-step to bring them to life! You can even add your own voice-overs by recording speech or using advanced text-to-speech. Super nifty!

If you want to begin to master the creation of animated cartoons to publish and share with your family and friends, this is the Experience for you!

Animate Your Own Cartoon

Available in these formats:

  • Short Experiences
    Short Experiences

    Short single-session events lasting one hour. Great as bite-sized tasters to explore something new or as standalone events on a particular topic!