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Junior Scratch Coder

  • Ages 8 - 11
  • Coding
    • Week Long
  • Online

Scratch is a block-based visual programming language and website used as an educational tool for coding. In this course, students will explore the basics of computer programming and program design by building some amazing projects in Scratch!

Every student will get hands-on with coding from Day One and learn how to share and collaborate on projects with their peers. We believe that the skills to communicate and work with others are just as important as the technical aspects of programming and that's how great apps and computer programs are made.

  • + Learn the fundamentals of programming with Scratch, with program flow, inputs and outputs
  • + Build a maze and racing game, using sprite interaction, control and automation
  • + Create a complex platformer with multiple levels, power-ups and a scoreboard
  • + Create a virtual character with camera interactions, text and audio
  • + Get creative - make something new and original, or expand on a previous project, and share it with the world!


This course is perfect for those who are looking for a new creative outlet, starting out on their coding journey or those who want to take their Scratch skills to the next level.

Junior Scratch Coder

Available in these formats:

  • Intensive Week-long
    Intensive Week-long

    4-5 day intensive courses which run during school breaks. Providing up to 5 hours per day of accelerated learning. Taught live and online by our tutors!