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Use school holidays to let your child's creativity shine, experiment with the latest tech and learn from expert tutors, all at inspiring locations across the UK.

Junior Adventures in Artificial Intelligence (A.I.)

In this course, students will get an introduction to the world of Artificial Intelligence (A.I.). They will build their very own A.I. models using sound, numbers, text and images, using the latest super-smart technology!

Start up an AI Startup

Our tech-loving, business savvy instructors will show you how to build and pitch an eye-opening set of new Artificial Intelligence-focused startups in just 5 days and teach you entrepreneurial skills that will pay off during your whole career.

Hollywood Special Effects Workshop

Use your own phone to capture video and then apply Hollywood-style visual effects that turn your footage into impressive clips guaranteed to blow your friends’ minds. Create your showreel featuring teleportation, fireballs, invisible walls and more!

Creative Digital Design

Build a unique media portfolio with Adobe Creative Cloud! Learn basic photography, videography, and audio processing so that you can create stunning visual media.

Digital Photography and Photoshop

Learn how to take stunning photos and build a photography portfolio that you can share with friends and family! 

Digital Music Production

Learn one of the industry’s leading Digital Audio Workstations, Ableton Live, and make music the way the professionals do. 

Creating for YouTube

Learn to create eye-catching content with this creative school holiday camp course. Become a YouTube influencer with original content and YouTube professional tools.  The sky's the limit!

Junior Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Imagine it. Build it. And go to a brand new place. Students learn how to create immersive environments so they can build what's in their brains.

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