Web Development: the basics – Remote week long part time

Learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript

Ever wondered how to make a website? Well this is the course for you. We’ll show you how to code and host your very own site using HTML, CSS and even a little JavaScript!

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Web Development: the basics – Remote week long part time

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Web Development: the basics - Remote week long part time

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Course highlights

The World Wide Web

The World Wide Web

Learn how to design and create solutions for the World Wide Web

Grow in Confidence

Grow in Confidence

Our tutors and carefully crafted curriculum will help you grow in confidence and create websites that will dazzle your friends

Learn to Code

Learn to Code

Get exposure to three programming languages used to create websites. HTML, CSS and JavaScript

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Course Overview

Web development is a core skill in the digital world. We spend a huge amount of time online for work and for relaxing. Learn the languages of the internet to build your very own website.

In this course you’ll start from the very beginning taking it slowly starting with HTML, until the last day when it culminates in a fully working website that uses advanced CSS and maybe even some JavaScript!

While this is a beginners’ course, we do find that many teens who have already started to learn to program on their own find our “back to basics” approach very helpful as they fill in any gaps in their fundamentals.

What your child will learn

  • How to design and build a static web page using HTML
  • Learn how to style sites using CSS
  • Understand how the World Wide Web and the internet works
  • Introduction to JavaScript and next steps in learning about interactivity
  • Build a navigation system for a multiple page website
  • Learn how to publish sites and pages to the internet

"I learnt so much and the course has definitely made me consider studying computer science and coding in the future."

Aaniya, Teen student