Video Game Design - Virtual Work Experience


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Online - Remote Learning
Mon Feb 1st - Fri Mar 5th 5:00pm-6:00pm 5 Days

Video Game Design – Virtual Work Experience

Discover what it’s like to work for a videogame studio, tackling realistic, industry-specific projects and working directly online with your own human “boss”. Finish with a complete skills report and a virtual work experience reference.




Laptop, required

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Course highlights

Real live human boss

Real live human boss

Your new boss will mentor you through the programme, ensuring you have a great experience and reach your personal goals

Realistic projects

Realistic projects

Tackle projects that are specific to the videogame industry. These are realistic representations of some of the awesome tasks people in the videogame industry get to work on every day.

Work in different fields

Work in different fields

Discover the range of disciplines that lie behind the process of making an incredible videogame, from coding, to design, to art, to data science and more

Featured FAQ

My daughter has only worked on Apple Mac and iPads and not on Windows based PCs. Is this an issue?
The Adobe software used on this course is the same on Apple Mac and Windows PC so there shouldn't be any issue. We deliver this course on PC or Mac depending on availability of hardware. The projects being …
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Course Overview

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Discover what it might be like to work for a video game design studio, tackling realistic, industry-specific projects – such as prototyping games, adapting to feedback and pitching your ideas – and working directly online with your own human “boss”. Finish with a complete skills report and a virtual work experience reference.

The gap between what young people need to be able to deliver in the world of work, and what they are taught at school is growing wider, especially around digital skills. At the same time it is becoming more difficult for companies – and in particular tech companies which are increasingly the engine of our economy – to host work experiences.
We are working with our network of experts to offer virtual work experiences to young people. These virtual work experiences are simulations of the real thing, designed to provide an accurate experience of what it would be like to join a company in a variety of cutting edge tech industries. On our Virtual Work Experience programme, you will experience the tools, projects, and feedback that you would get as if you were an entry level worker in a tech-focused business.
Here’s how Virtual Work Experience works…

1. Friendly induction

  • Meet your real live human boss online
  • Learn how Virtual Work Experience works
  • Select your first, industry-specific, tech projects
  • When: 30 minutes, at a time to suit

2. Real tech projects

  • Project briefs based on real tech industry requirements
  • Resources and work tools exactly as used by the industry
  • Work at your own pace, typically 4-6 hours a week for 5 weeks
  • Access to the dedicated FireTech training suite on LearnWorlds as required
  • Like to try something else? Change “jobs” at any point

3. Regular online team meetings

  • Get lots of brilliant help and support
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Ongoing E-mail and chat support
  • All meetings and communications are recorded and archived for safety
  • When: 1 hour, weekly

4. Finish with a flourish!

  • Collect your skills report and portfolio
  • Virtual Work Experience Reference
  • Enjoy your virtual leaving party!

See the typical Work Programme here.

What your child will learn

  • Skills like 3D modelling, programming, digital media production, in the context of a virtual work project
  • To receive feedback from a virtual “boss” or team leader
  • To work effectively and communicate in virtual team meetings
  • To use the same tools as are used in the videogame industry to conceptualise, develop and implement projects
  • Develop general digital fluency in using business productivity tools
  • Skills report that they can share on platforms like LinkedIn, college applications, or to future employers.
  • Project-based learning, with a human touch. All students will have human feedback, delivered remotely
  • Critical work skills that students may not get enough of in school: digital skills, productivity tools, plus in-depth skills in creative and technical areas

Video Game Design – Virtual Work Experience FAQs

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Meet Sean

Sean studies Design Engineering at Imperial College London but you'll often find him buzzing around camp teaching our Video Game Design courses. He loves seeing campers push through challenges and publish a game to show their friends and family. 

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Fire Tech Camp was a great experience and the best camp I've ever been to. I think the camp does a great job in combining fun with learning.

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