The Ultimate Guide to PC Building


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Online - Remote Learning
Wed Feb 3rd 5:00pm-6:00pm 1 Days
Online - Remote Learning
Wed Mar 3rd 5:00pm-6:00pm 1 Days
Online - Remote Learning
Sat Mar 13th 3:00pm-4:00pm 1 Days

The Ultimate Guide to PC Building

Ever wondered about building your own PC and don’t know where to start? Well start right here! We’ll help you get started and guide you through all the decisions you’ll need to make along the way to making your own awesomely powerful machine.




Laptop, required

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Course highlights

What CPU?

What CPU?

Learn about all the different types of CPU available to you and which works best for the type of PC you want to build.

Jargon Demystified

Jargon Demystified

We'll take you through all the necessary jargon and explain them so you can make the right choices for your PC.

Building to a budget

Building to a budget

We'll show you how to keep the costs down by showing you what you can spend less on and what you really can't compromise on.

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Course Overview

Building your own PC is a great way to save money and get a much better powered system than you could afford with an off the shelf system. In this highly informative Fire Tech Experience we’ll take you through choosing the parts for your very own PC. We’ll take you through choosing the right processor all the way to selecting the correct case.

This experience is for those looking to build their next computer. We’ll go through all the options and where you can save money and where you definitely shouldn’t cut back!

Parts we’ll cover

  • CPU’s
  • GPU’s
  • RAM
  • Hard drives
  • Fans
  • Power Units
  • Cases
  • Monitors
  • Overclocking 
  • Cooling

Don’t quite know what all these are? Don’t worry after this Experience you will!

FireTech Experiences are a new series of short, high interest, fun and engaging tech demonstrations and talks. These are delivered in webinar style, with the main presenter showcasing a new interesting aspect of technology and learning.

What your child will learn

  • The difference between an AMD, ARM and INTEL chipset
  • The benefits and drawbacks of SSD vs HDD
  • What is a GPU and when is it needed
  • What monitor set up is best for what purpose
  • What is RAM and why do you need so much?
  • Safety measures and how to put the whole thing together

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