Teen Games Building

Games design with Java and Python



  • Ages 12-17
  • Must bring a laptop or rent one from us
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Make gaming your own while learning coding basics! Teens (aged 12+) take control of their gaming experiences by building their own, using Python and Java coding skills to manipulate and create new worlds.

This camp is currently offered as a residential course.

What students will learn 

  •      Java programming basics including object-oriented programming
  •      Programming fundamentals: loops, spawning characters and interactions
  •      Sound effects, scoring and publishing to make your game slick and shareable
  •      Python coding fundamentals: functions, loops, GUI interface

Teen Games Building

Course overview

The Games Building course is designed to get your hands dirty (digitally-speaking) in building your own games with code! We’ll start with Java and you will have a chance to build an original game using Java and the Greenfoot educational tools. Then we’ll take you inside of Minecraft to build a game within a game using a second coding language, Python. In this second module you’ll have a chance to create cheats and tools for Minecraft itself, plus build a game that your in-world characters can play! This is a great way to get a “taster” of two important coding languages, understanding how games are put together and exploring game play and coding environments.

"This week has brightened up my holiday. The tutors are fantastic and the quality of the course is amazing. I made loads of friends."

Oscar, Young Games Maker