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Teen Coding with Python

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Teen Coding with Python

Teen Python Programming Course

Get familiar with Python, one of the most widely-used and widely-taught programming languages in senior schools, universities and businesses, and learn to code from the ground up.




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This course is delivered online and therefore requires you to have a capable computer to work on and a broadband internet connection. Most PC/Mac computers from the last 5 years will be fine but you can view our recommended detailed system requirements here.

Teen Coding with Python

This course is delivered online and therefore requires you to have a capable computer to work on and a broadband internet connection. Most PC/Mac computers from the last 5 years will be fine but you can view our recommended detailed system requirements here.

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Course highlights

What you learn

What you learn

Unlock your inner software engineer with a course that teaches you the skills to understand, create and debug like a pro. This course will also show you how to apply those skills through various projects and challenges.

Get ahead at school

Get ahead at school

A popular choice for students taking GCSE or A Level Computer science. Learn the fundamentals of modern coding including data types, variables, functions, loops and object oriented programming. This course covers all of the coding elements of the GCSE and most of those included in the A levels.

The bigger picture

The bigger picture

Fire Tech's tech-savvy, enthusiastic tutors will teach you the programming language behind tech behemoths like Facebook, Netflix and Spotify. Students learn the skills to become problem solvers and creators with the one of the most popular coding languages.

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Featured FAQ

My child has done some Python already, will they learn anything new on the Python course?

The topics covered in the Teen Coding with Python course cover the equivalent to what your child would do at GCSE and some A-level. This means unless your child is working on A-level Python they will …

Student work

Gallery of some past students work from this course

Some Sample Code

Some Sample Code

Students coding Python

Students coding Python

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Course Overview

Learn one of the most in-demand coding languages in the world, used in start-ups, enterprise companies, and academic institutions. This is a top choice for students studying Computer Science for their GCSEs and want to take their skills to the next level in a fun and supportive environment.

Our code-loving instructors develop your programming proficiency by teaching you how to use variables, integers, floats, strings, loops, file I/O’s and data structures, as you work on your own challenge-focused projects. You will leave with the confidence to use the Python programming language independently.

While this is a beginners’ course, we do find that many teens who have already started to learn to program on their own find our “back to basics” approach very helpful as they fill in any gaps in their fundamentals.

What your child will learn

  • Introduction to common Python programming environments
  • Core Coding Principles including Variables, loops, if statements, and functions
  • Advanced Coding methods including Object Oriented Programming (OOP)
  • Create and interact with common data structures
  • Import and use third-party libraries to add powerful new features including graphical components
  • Programming Design Patterns and how to make reusable code
  • Equip students to debug their code and work out how to help themselves when they run into problems.

Teen Coding with Python FAQs

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A Hi there thank you for your enquiry! We generally find our Teen Coding with Python course still a good choice for students who have already done some at school as not only does it reinforce the beginner principles but the course is intensive and covers a lot of content in that week. To assess correctly how much knowledge your son has and if this one is appropriate for him please call us at the office on +442071934002.
  2. A Hi there, we now have this course up and ready to book for October Midterm and December breaks as well as our new Saturday Python Coding Club! Please feel free to call us at the office on +442071934002 for more info!
  3. A Hi there yes you will and you will be given info on what to do next! We would suggest our Teen Coding with Python II course which continues on from the Python I course and is more advanced. Please call us on +442071934002 if you have any more questions!
  4. A After you complete your booking instructions will be sent on how to transfer payment via your childcare voucher provider. While most support electronic payment it will depend on your childcare voucher provider.

Meet Leszek

Leszek studies Electronic and Information Engineering at Imperial College London and teaches our coding courses. He loves using his STEM skills to bring people together and recently created an Imperial college fantasy football app that connects 200 players together. 

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"I learnt so much and the course has definitely made me consider studying computer science and coding in the future."

Aaniya, Teen student

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