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Start up an AI Startup

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Start up an AI Startup

Learn how successful TECH startups get started

Our tech-loving, business savvy instructors will show you how to build and pitch an eye-opening set of new Artificial Intelligence-focused startups in just 5 days and teach you entrepreneurial skills that will pay off during your whole career.




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Real world application

Real world application

You'll get to build and present an Artificial Intelligence-focused business pitch to people who understand the process of successfully gaining funding for their startups.

Get branded

Get branded

Get the branding right, from designing a standout Logo, to the effects certain colours have on your audience. You'll start defining and building your brand from Day One.

Expert tools

Expert tools

Discover the amazing free tools you can use to plan and budget your business. Determine how much money you could potentially make, and how many people your incredible ideas could help.

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What are the course instructors like?

Lead Teachers have a strong background in education coupled with technical expertise in the area they teach. They are supported by Camp Instructors, who are most frequently talented Computer Science …

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Course Overview

Join the ranks of Steve Jobs (Apple), Bill Gates (Microsoft), Mark Zuckerberg (Facebook), Cindy Mi (VIPKid) and learn what it takes to begin a startup that may just change the world. If you love technology, you fancy being your own boss, and you definitely want to work on something you’re passionate about, then starting your own tech company could be the answer. This course teaches you the building blocks for getting your startup off the ground!

We’ve focused on Artificial Intelligence as the hottest, most popular area for start ups at the moment.

Begin by understanding the principles of artificial intelligence and building your own AI models. Then apply AI to an amazing idea, build a product, learn how to test it, build customer personas, and then market it. Finally, you’ll learn how to pitch the product to AI-hungry investors.

Incredibly, this course will show you how to build an eye-opening set of new startups in just 5 days and will teach you key entrepreneurial skills that will pay off during your whole career!

What your child will learn

  • Introduction to the hottest start up technologies from Artificial Intelligence to eSports, Robotics, Smart Apps, Biotechnology and Self Driving Vehicles.
  • Lean Startup: how to quickly build, test and learn about startup ideas
  • Customer Development: how to understand a problem your customers face
  • Minimum Viable Product: building products to test your idea – fast
  • Branding: build your own logo, typeface and colour palette
  • Growth Marketing: how to use Facebook to drive users to your product
  • Learn the free software tools the experts use to drive explosive growth
  • Practise pitching your business to a panel of successful founders and investors

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Meet Will

Will studied at the Royal Academy of Music and is one of Fire Tech most long-standing digital music tutors. He's a drummer, composer, and loves teaching young people how to combine technology with music to build sounds, songs, compositions and much more.

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"When I listened to my tutor's music I could tell she put in a lot of effort and if I want to be that good I am going to need to put in a lot of effort too. And now I have the skills, I will."

Kem, Digital Music student