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Senior Robotics with VEX IQ

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Senior Robotics with VEX IQ

Teen Robotics building and programming course

Work together in small teams to master our VEX IQ robotics challenges while learning to code in the C-based programming language ROBOTC. 




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Senior Robotics with VEX IQ


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Course highlights

Make the future

Make the future

From day one you'll be building robots and programming them, first in a visual language and then in ROBOTC, to follow your commands. The concepts that you use in this course will be the foundations of the megatrends around automation in all walks of life.

Game on!

Game on!

There's something for everyone in this course as your team designs, builds, and codes the robots to tackle exciting challenges. Tournament-style competitions keep it focused and super fun. May the best robot win!

Robot skills for life

Robot skills for life

Robotics pulls together every aspect of tech and brings it all to life in the physical world. Even beyond the programming angles, use of sensors, outputs, and necessary calibrations reinforce math and physics skills, making this course one that really underpins every student's academic path.

Featured FAQ

What is Robotc?

ROBOTC is the premiere robotics programming language for educational robotics and competitions. It is based on the C programming language which is used to create OS like Windows, OSX or Linux. Robot …

Student work

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Course Overview

Work together in small teams to master our VEX IQ robotics challenges while learning to code in the C-based programming language ROBOTC. Campers will use a range of sensors and switches to build competition-ready robots, which they will then program and test before entering the challenge zone. This course is ideal for teens who want to get hands-on with engineering and coding!

Robotics is a rich and stimulating environment for young people to explore goal-focused engineering concepts. The teams will follow a series of challenges for which they must design, implement, test and refine robotic solutions. They will program with a graphical user interface before moving onto the syntax-based language ROBOTC. VEX IQ is a leading educational robotics platform combining snap-together construction with sophisticated coding and flexible final products. Creativity, programming and problem-solving meet as students solve problems and compete in battles with their own designs.

What your child will learn

  • Mechanical and engineering design
  • Structural and construction properties
  • Working within design constraints and parameters
  • Working with motors and sensors for automation
  • Programming with ROBOTC, a C-based programming language designed for educational robotics and competitions
  • The product design lifecycle
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills

"It was a great experience building the robots and coding them for tug of war, sumo wrestling, navigating mazes and even building things with our robots. I recommend senior robotics and our fantastic teacher. "

Teen Robotics Student