Senior Robotics with VEX IQ (2 day)






All equipment is provided

Work in teams to master our VEX IQ robotics challenges. Students will code in the C-based programming language ROBOTC, and learn the fundamentals of structural engineering.

Senior Robotics with VEX IQ (2 day)

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Course Overview

Robots have permeated modern life from industry through to the vacuum cleaners that clean our homes. Robots will soon help every profession from fashion designers to surgeons, will support the visually impaired and could even prepare your meals.

Designing and building a robot for a given task and then programming it to undertake that task pulls in lots of different aspects of STEM and engineering — and all are vital 21st century skills.

In this immersive two day programme, students will be introduced to the VEX IQ robotic system and learn to design and programme different types of robots to interact with the world around them. On the last day, they’ll perform in our “”robot wars”” style contest and compete against other teams.

Students will leave with a head full of ideas on how they can use robots in the future!

What students will learn

  • Mechanical and engineering design
  • Structural and construction properties
  • Working within design constraints and parameters
  • Working with motors and sensors for automation
  • Programming with ROBOTC, a C-based programming language designed for educational robotics and competitions
  • The product design lifecycle
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills
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What will students take home

  • Certificate with personal tutor feedback
  • Fire Tech T-Shirt
logo: Fire Tech

Fire Tech Camp Courses Include

  • 8:1 student:teacher ratio
  • Original products
  • Outdoor Activities*
  • USB Flash drive (for saving work/software)
  • Any cheat sheets or software** used in the course
  • New Skills
  • Supportive community
  • Enthusiastic instructors
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Who is this course suitable for?

No prior experience is required but there are some prerequisites for attending this course:

  • Must be between age 12 and 17 at start of course
  • Strong understanding of English
  • Basic IT skills
  • Bring own lunch (Except Residential)

* Outdoor activities dependent on location and weather. ** some software only available as trial. We arrange a discounted rate with the publishers for our campers when possible.

"Before camp, I was nervous because I wasn't sure what to expect, but the groups are small and that's helpful. And the tutors are extremely helpful"

Irene, Teen Student