Python and Electronics with Minecraft

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Python and Electronics with Minecraft

Learn Python Coding and electronics from the ground up by using one of the most popular gaming platforms on the planet: Minecraft.




Laptop, required

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Course highlights

Learn  Python in a fun environment

Learn Python in a fun environment

Learn the basics of Python coding as you create cheats, traps and shortcuts inside a Minecraft environment.

Bring your code to life

Bring your code to life

Using a custom Arduino kit that you can keep, you'll be coding and building circuits for real-world interactions as actions in your Minecraft game interacts with LED lights, status screens, buzzers and more.

Keep it going at home

Keep it going at home

This course includes a take-home electronics kit: Arduino microprocessor, breadboard and components so you can keep working and inventing after camp is over.

explains Python
with Minecraft

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What are the course instructors like?

Lead Teachers have a strong background in education coupled with technical expertise in the area they teach. They are supported by Camp Instructors, who are most frequently talented Computer Science …

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Course Overview

Minecraft is an engaging environment that allows fans of all ages to exercise their creative powers, make exciting worlds and populate them with creatures and objects. One of the neat features of Minecraft is that it is possible to “hack” the Minecraft game with real Python code. Our students use Python to automate the building of huge structures, code shortcuts, and build a “game within the game”.

Python is used as the main coding language by a large number of schools for the programming element of the GCSE and A Level Computer Science courses. Our curriculum has been designed to ensure that core concepts have been covered in depth.

The focus of the course is learning Python – some Minecraft skills are helpful but not required. Students should bring their own laptop. Alternatively, we can provide them for an additional (at cost) fee of £60 for the duration of the course.  Bring your Minecraft ID if you have one (we have some spares if you don’t). You will need the admin password to your laptop in order to be able to install the necessary software. Any laptop that runs Minecraft will be fine – their recommended technical spec is here.

What your child will learn

  • How to set up and run their own mini Minecraft server
  • Be able to design and code Minecraft mini games in Python, using a range of programming techniques
  • Build their own game controllers for Minecraft, by linking the virtual Minecraft world with the real world through the use of Arduino and electronic circuits.

Python and Electronics with Minecraft FAQs

Questions and answers of the customers

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  3. A All programming languages use some similar logic so if you have done much PHP it will give you a head start with understanding some of the logic of Python but there is still much to learn to master the syntax of Python. Also, PHP is used for web development whereas Python is a more general purpose programming language which will have features you may not have been able to do in PHP.

Meet Pam

Pam is doing a PhD in Computer Science at Imperial College London. Her real passion is teaching young people the latest technologies shaping their world and watching their confidence grow. 

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