Minecraft Redstone



  • Ages 9-12
  • All equipment is provided

Get ready to wire up your Minecraft worlds with our Introduction to Redstone! Even if you're a seasoned Minecraft pro, there's plenty for you to learn. From basic traps to lighting systems and powered machines, Redstone offers Minecraft players a whole new range of opportunities to create amazing things.

What students will learn 

  •      Creating simple traps and machines with algorithms and computing concepts
  •      Create basic and complex circuits with Redstone wire and power supplies
  •      Using command blocks in combination with Redstone to amplify creations
  •      Test creations with others on a multiplayer server

Minecraft Redstone

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Course Overview

Redstone is the “electricity” of the Minecraft world and once you’ve mastered the basics, the potential for invention is almost endless. While immersed in the fun and creative world of Minecraft, students will learn about concepts in electronics, programming and design. The workshop offers a grounded understanding in how building blocks can be used to create more complex objects, as well as the opportunity to solve problems and inspire imaginations through the medium of play!

"I really enjoyed my self. It was extremely informative but at the same time very fun"

Pratham, Young Workshop Attendee