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Minecraft Maker

Become a part of the Maker Movement by using Minecraft! You will be thrown into an intensive mix of creativity, gaming and engineering.




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Minecraft is a learning environment

Minecraft is a learning environment

This class lets you customise your Minecraft environment by learning shortcuts to designing maps for your worlds, learning shortcuts to building up your environments, and understanding the Redstone programming and electronics platform inside the game.

Digital and physical design

Digital and physical design

Students learn the fundamentals of 2D and 3D design and modelling to turbocharge the creation of their worlds. Minecraft gets physical as they create a real-world game player using a kit that allows them to learn about electronics, and turn anything conductive into their games controller.

Turn play into serious fun

Turn play into serious fun

Harness your enthusiasm for Minecraft into a creative superpower as you are able to learn new design skills and tools. Take your super cool worlds home and share them with your friends. Imagine it and build it!

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Is Minecraft educational?
Minecraft itself teaches many skills that can be gained from gaming such as resource management, co-ordination, strategy etc. However, this course uses tools outside of Minecraft for teaching and the game …
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Course Overview

Become a part of the Maker Movement by using Minecraft! In this course you will make your own world, blocks and structures, and even experiment with different materials to create physical game controllers. As a Minecraft Maker at Fire Tech Camp, you will be thrown into an intensive mix of creativity, gaming and engineering and come out of it with an impressive command of important computing concepts, practical making skills, and an enhanced understanding of how to expand and enjoy your Minecraft universe. 

This is an engaging course for 9-12 year olds that will get them building, designing, coding, and making, all using the Minecraft “sandbox”.

Minecraft is an incredibly popular block building game, the second most-downloaded game of all time. Through this course students can gain experience in core computing concepts such as Computer Aided Design, conditions, loops, and iteration.

Off the screen, students will have the opportunity to explore physical design and electronics by making their own Mini Minecraft controller using a Makey Makey electronics kit. We have explored more of the educational and computing benefits of Minecraft in our blogpost on  The Benefits of Learning with Minecraft.

What your child will learn

  • Enhanced understanding of STEM fields such as coding, game design and computational thinking
  • Create a 3D world using third party tools
  • Customise blocks using skins, attributes and behaviours
  • Create in-game electronics circuits with Redstone
  • Build and importing complex structures with MCEdit
  • Design and build a physical games controller with a Makey Makey electronics kits

Minecraft Maker FAQs

Questions and answers of the customers

  1. A A good understanding of English is required to attend our UK camps.
  2. A We do also accept Childcare Vouchers from all major providers.

Meet Sean

Sean studies Design Engineering at Imperial College London but you'll often find him buzzing around camp teaching our Video Game Design courses. He loves seeing campers push through challenges and publish a game to show their friends and family. 

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Video Game Design

"My experience with Fire Tech was amazing, I am so happy that I signed up for it. Now I can code, animate, make video games and make mobile apps!"

Kamran, Junior Coder