Junior Inventor

Created for students who want to know how things work. You’ll design, engineer, and code useful everyday objects like treasure box alarms, light up displays, and digital heartbeats.

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Junior Inventor

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Junior Inventor

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Course highlights

What you learn

Discover the magic of inventing as you create with this credit-card sized micro:bit computer! The micro:bit is fitted with sensors for push buttons, light, temperature, motion and direction.

Who is this course for?

This course is for anyone who wants to invent toys, games, science experiments or communication devices. Students will make music, create text scrollers, light up ultra-bright Neopixels, and set up communication networks.

The bigger picture

This course is chock full of the design thinking, physical computing concepts and coding concepts that get kids thinking like a Product Designer. These are key future skills as they are the building blocks behind automation, robotics, computer vision and other disruptive technologies.

Course Overview

Your child can learn to innovate and create by engineering new inventions!

In this brand new course, students will get an inside look into the science and design behind everyday gadgets. As more of our world is powered by technology, engineers of the future will need to understand how hardware and software work together. Students will leave with the confidence and curiosity to create projects that interact with the world around them, and solve problems that they define themselves.

Subject specialists teach how to use electronic components such as smart microprocessors, whizzy motors, different kinds of switches and colourful LED’s to create individually designed projects such as keyboard instruments, temperature displays and loads more.  The inventions are as limitless as your imagination!

What your child will learn

  • Elementary electronics knowledge & theory
  • Basic programming and debugging
  • Experience in using physical computing hardware especially the BBC micro:bit
  • Teamwork skills
  • Design thinking
  • Problem-solving and mathematical skills
  • Product design and making

Student work

Gallery of some past students work from this course

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