Junior Coder (3 day)

Our introduction to coding fundamentals. Junior Coder provides an experience for youngsters who want to try out many types of tech.

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Junior Coder (3 day)

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Junior Coder (3 day)

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Course highlights

Course Overview

Being comfortable with and adapting quickly to new technologies are two key life skills for the 21st century.

In this introductory programme, specialist tutors will take you through an immersive technological experience and develop your interest for all things tech!

Day one will cover building a mobile phone application. On day two, students will create video games and the last day will be spent iterating and evolving one of these projects.

What your child will learn

"Fire Tech Camp has helped me find my mistakes and learn from them, and pushed me higher with my creativity showing me the sky is NOT the limit! I will definitely come back for another camp!"

Rebecca, Age 11