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Junior Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

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Junior Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR)

Imagine it. Build it. And go to a brand new place. Students learn how to create immersive environments so they can build what’s in their brains.




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What you learn

What you learn

You'll be amazed at what your child can do with this cutting edge technology. You'll design, code, and launch different Augmented and Virtual Reality experiences.

Design new worlds

Design new worlds

Learn how to overlay digital content on the physical world, using triggers to unlock the augmented reality content, and design your own augmented experiences.

The bigger picture

The bigger picture

AR is used widely in education and entertainment whereas VR is making a big splash in the world of games design but is also a growing technology for anything that requires you to immerse yourself somewhere where it's hard to be. VR is being used to view the bottom of the ocean, train doctors, and be a DJ on a virtual deck.

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AR/VR project

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Can I bring my own smartphone to use?

Yes, all the apps used are free and should work on any mid-range android phone. The apps should be available on iOS too but we have not tested this. If anything doesn't work students can, of course, …

Student work

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Course Overview

This course is designed for primary aged students who are looking to learn about one of the most rapidly developing and exciting areas of technology – augmented and virtual reality.

Virtual Reality (VR) endeavours to simulate real-life situations through the use of three-dimensional computer-generated environments. Augmented Reality (AR) on the other hand is the integration of digital overlays to enhance the physical world around us.

During this course the students will learn about how to use the newest AR & VR creation tools and use them to create and code their own augmented and virtual experiences.

 You can read our AR/VR Blog Post to see how this technology will affect your future. 

What your child will learn

  • Develop deeper design skills within digital environments
  • Independently create and code character and environmental interactions within digitally created virtual environments
  • Understand basic concepts and technology tools needed to create Augmented and Virtual experiences
  • Utilise digital animation and multimedia editing tools
  • Dynamic problem-solving and project management skills

Junior Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality (AR/VR) FAQs

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Meet Will

Will studied at the Royal Academy of Music and is one of Fire Tech most long-standing digital music tutors. He's a drummer, composer, and loves teaching young people how to combine technology with music to build sounds, songs, compositions and much more.

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"Fire Tech Camp has helped me find my mistakes and learn from them, and pushed me higher with my creativity showing me the sky is NOT the limit! I will definitely come back for another camp!"

Rebecca, Age 11

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