Introduction to Algoraves – Create Code with Music!


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Online - Remote Learning
Sat Feb 6th 3:00pm-4:30pm 1 Days
Online - Remote Learning
Mon Feb 15th 5:00pm-6:30pm 1 Days

Introduction to Algoraves – Create Code with Music!

In this fantastically inspiring session, you will be introduced to the programming language Sonic Pi, and use this to create your own algorithmically generated beats and melodies.




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Course highlights

Understand Fundamental Programming Concepts

Understand Fundamental Programming Concepts

This session will introduce several key concepts within computer code, including conditionals, loops, variables and lists. These are fundamental aspects of programming which are used in all widespread languages (Python, C, Java etc.).

Learn the Techniques of Creating Electronic Music

Learn the Techniques of Creating Electronic Music

Synthesizers, samples, envelopes – if these terms are new to you, don’t worry! This session will provide an overview of how different types of sound are created in electronic music, and how we can apply this within Sonic Pi.

Create your Own Project and Export It!

Create your Own Project and Export It!

By the end of this session, you will be equipped with the tools to create your own compositions from scratch and export them for upload to Soundcloud, Youtube etc.

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Course Overview

What is an Algorave?

An Algorave, short for ‘algorithmic rave’, is an event at which programmers perform live (often improvised) performances of music, using nothing but computer code! This often involves a video projection behind the stage, showing the live-coding process in action as the music is being performed.

What is Sonic Pi?

Sonic Pi is a free, open source program created by Sam Aaron from the University of Cambridge Computer Laboratory. It is a live-coding environment designed specifically to make musical composition and performance straightforward and intuitive, while maintaining the unique possibilities of computer code.

Over the session, students will learn the basic syntax of Sonic Pi and how this can be used to generate interesting looped melodies and rhythms. Then, we will take a brief overview of sound design, and how we can use the inbuilt synth and sample player to create unique sounds of our own. Finally, we will cover some tips on creating a varied live performance and how you can record this for export as a standard audio file.

This experience will serve as a fun introduction to programming for the musically inclined, or for experienced coders as an insight into how they can use their skills to create amazing musical compositions!

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What your child will learn

  • Fundamental concepts of programming (e.g. variables, conditionals, loops)
  • The foundations of electronic music (synthesis, samples and basic music theory)
  • How to use the Sonic Pi interface to compose and record their very own tracks!

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Will studied at the Royal Academy of Music and is one of Fire Tech most long-standing digital music tutors. He's a drummer, composer, and loves teaching young people how to combine technology with music to build sounds, songs, compositions and much more.

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