Galactic Voyager in Minecraft


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Sat Jan 30th 3:00pm-4:00pm 1 Days
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Thu Feb 11th 5:00pm-6:30pm 1 Days
Online - Remote Learning
Thu Mar 11th 5:00pm-6:30pm 1 Days

Galactic Voyager in Minecraft

Discover an exciting new way to learn about space travel with a space-themed Minecraft mod pack called Galacticraft. Transform Minecraft with features such as the solar system, rocket machinery and fantastic new tools.




Laptop, required

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Course highlights

Build Your Minecraftonaut Command Centre

Build Your Minecraftonaut Command Centre

First we will build our command centre so that we have a base of operations to prepare for space voyage and somewhere we can launch and test our rockets.

Prepare for Launch!

Prepare for Launch!

We need a few things before we can head off into space. A steady spaceship, fuel loaders, oxygen masks and much more. We need to be prepared for anything that might happen up there! We’ll have to assess our resources and see if we can even reach our destination. Remember, we need enough fuel for the journey back to Earth too!



Houston we have lift-off! Let’s decide which destination we want to go to take off into space. After a successful landing we will take our first steps on a new Planet, Moon or even an Asteroid. Now it’s time to colonise, explore strange new worlds and have tons of fun getting used to gravity levels different from Earth!

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Course Overview

Have you ever looked at the stars and asked yourself what’s up there? In this wildly entertaining FireTech Experience you’ll be launched into a life as an astronaut in Minecraft. As a Minecraftonaut your sole purpose will be to go to fascinating new worlds, explore different planets and bring all that knowledge back home to Earth. Whether you’ve played Minecraft before or not, if you are an explorer at heart, this is the Experience for you!

Using Minecraft and an installed mod called Galacticraft you will learn to build space-bases, launch ships and colonise planets. Learn about resource management, problem solving and take a deeper look at the stars. There are tons of unique planets and mysterious destinations so you will be able to explore to your heart’s content!

During the session we’ll instruct you on what steps you need to follow to become a Minecraftonaut. You’ll be shown a live demonstration of what to do: starting from scratch to reaching the stars! The instructor will demonstrate the tools onscreen and take questions throughout. The instructor will provide links to the relevant downloads at the END of the session for students who wish to attempt their own activities afterwards.

Whether you want to mine cheese on the Moon or dodge meteors on Mars, this Experience has got all your astronaut needs covered. You might just make some friends with alien villagers on the way! You’ll have tons of fun and will get to learn some amazing new things about space travel and our solar system.

Prepare to take one small step for a Minecrafter… but a giant leap for Minecraft!

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What your child will learn

  • Understanding of our Solar System
  • Resource management
  • Problem solving skills

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