Coding Games with Java


Coding Games with Java

Teen Java Programming Course

Master key computing concepts and coding basics. Students will use Java and the Greenfoot library to learn computer science theory, syntax, and object oriented coding.




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A fun way to learn Object Oriented Programming

A fun way to learn Object Oriented Programming

Students will learn object-oriented programming in Java through coding games. These same skills can be applied to anything that you are programming in future from games to shopping carts to analytics apps.

Turn passive play into industry recognised skills

Turn passive play into industry recognised skills

By creating multiple games in different genres, students learn different game mechanics and what makes a game actually fun to play - skills that will help make their future mobile/console games top sellers!

Dynamic learning environment

Dynamic learning environment

Subject specialists will guide you as you work in small, tight-knit teams to learn one of the most in-demand coding languages behind gaming jugganaughts like like Minecraft.

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What is the tutor:student ratio?

This varies from course to course, but we generally have a maximum of 8 students per tutor.

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Course Overview

We teach Java using the Greenfoot platform, developed at the University of Kent. Greenfoot makes coding interactive, easy and fun, providing a supportive environment for the creation of 2D graphical games and simulations. Students will learn coding concepts such as variables, functions and classes, as they go from game consumer to game creator. Our goal is for each participant to feel confident coding, as they undertake original projects and gain familiarity with the Java environment. We also show students the tools and resources available so they can continue learning and developing independently with Java after the course.

This is an excellent first coding course for teens aged 12+ and no previous programming knowledge is required. Younger gamers looking for an introduction to computer science fundamentals should check out our Video Game Design camp while teens might also be interested in our Teen Coding with Python course.

What your child will learn

  • The fundamentals of game design: stories, characters, settings, attributions
  • Key terms and concepts within the Java programming language
  • Familiarity with the Greenfoot environment
  • Using algorithms, functions, loops, and hierarchies
  • Basic graphics and animation
  • Confidence in creating and implementing code
  • Testing, de-bugging and refactoring
  • Tools and resources to take coding further through independent learning

Coding Games with Java FAQs

what time does it startBack to product
asked by Yasemin Winkler on 2017-10-22 12:00:12
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  1. Hi there, our Coding Games with Java class normally runs from 10am-4pm. Please feel free to call us on +442071934002 if we can help you further!
    Charlotte Brierley answered on 2017-10-30 09:45:52

Meet Sean

Sean studies Design Engineering at Imperial College London but you'll often find him buzzing around camp teaching our Video Game Design courses. He loves seeing campers push through challenges and publish a game to show their friends and family. 

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Fire Tech Camp was a great experience and the best camp I've ever been to. I think the camp does a great job in combining fun with learning.

Emma, 13yr old programmer