Coding Games with Java (3 day)






Laptop required

Make games with Java, the software language used for building many apps. This is a fantastic introduction to more complex coding as students are introduced to basic computing concepts and logical thinking.

Coding Games with Java (3 day)

Course Overview

This course is terrific for teenagers aged 12+ with little to no programming knowledge. Java is one of the biggest programming languages in the industry and used on different platforms from mobile phones all the way up to large enterprise servers. As such, Java programmers are in high demand.

Students will use the Greenfoot programming environment to begin learning the Java language and the concepts of Object Oriented Programming. Greenfoot is a programming environment designed at the University of Kent, with the specific aim of teaching young people to program in Java.

Our team of tech-savvy tutors will begin by teaching students about object oriented programming and students will go onto to build games through the skills they’ve learnt. These will include a simple Asteroids style game as well as implementing games which have gravity such as platform style games.

Our team of tech-savvy tutors will begin day one by teaching students about object-oriented programming, and use day two to go over animating and adding gravity to create platform games. Students will use the final day to build and publish their own games to take home to share with friends and family.

What students will learn

  • The basics of game design: stories, characters, settings, attributes
  • Key terms and concepts within the Java programming language
  • Familiarity with the Greenfoot environment
  • Basic graphics and animation, including falling and gravity
  • Confidence in creating and implementing code
  • Testing and debugging
  • How to create a game of their own devising from the initial planning stage through to publishing it
  • Tools and resources to take coding further through independent learning
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What will students take home

  • Certificate with personal tutor feedback
  • Fire Tech T-Shirt
logo: Fire Tech

Fire Tech Camp Courses Include

  • 8:1 student:teacher ratio
  • Original products
  • Outdoor Activities*
  • USB Flash drive (for saving work/software)
  • Any cheat sheets or software** used in the course
  • New Skills
  • Supportive community
  • Enthusiastic instructors
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Who is this course suitable for?

No prior experience is required but there are some prerequisites for attending this course:

  • Must be between age 12 and 17 at start of course
  • Must bring own laptop (or rent one from us)
  • Strong understanding of English
  • Basic IT skills
  • Bring own lunch (Except Residential)

* Outdoor activities dependent on location and weather. ** some software only available as trial. We arrange a discounted rate with the publishers for our campers when possible.

"I had so much fun and learned a lot about technology"

Jaisen, Young Rapid Prototyper