Build a Reaction Timer in Scratch


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Online - Remote Learning
Sat Feb 13th 3:00pm-4:00pm 1 Days
Online - Remote Learning
Wed Feb 17th 5:00pm-6:00pm 1 Days

Build a Reaction Timer in Scratch

Discover how modern technology is helping us measure and improve performance in sports, and test out your own reaction times with a nifty reaction timer game you can make yourself in Scratch!




Laptop, required

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Time for Sports!

Time for Sports!

What are some of the technologies we use to measure performance in some of our favourite sports and how accurate are they?

Tech vs human

Tech vs human

What are the advantages and disadvantage of relying on technology to make decisions instead of humans?

Meet Scratch

Meet Scratch

We'll create a simple reaction timer game in Scratch, introducing basic computing principles and block-based programming

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Course Overview

This fun and informative Experience will explore how we use technology to measure time to the millisecond in competitive sports, and how we can measure reaction times. Faster reaction times are better, right? We will begin using coding (the visual programming language called Scratch) to create a fun reaction timer game.

Led by our sports-loving, tech-savvy, super charismatic expert, this interactive session will discuss the concept of timing in sports, as a measure of performance in competitive events like running and swimming. What modern technology is used to measure for how fast we run or how quickly a car can race? What are the advantages of using that technology over human observation? Are lasers really better than humans? We will look at instant replay tools and sensors, timing gadgets and how technologies such as RFID chips help capture timings automatically.

We will introduce Scratch and make a simple ball heading game, as an introduction to measuring and improving our own reaction times.

This Experience is perfect for competitive kids who are interested in learning how technology and sports can work together to help humans run, jump and fly further and faster than ever before. No previous knowledge of coding is required. 

FireTech Experiences are a new series of short, high interest, fun and engaging tech demonstrations and talks. These are delivered in webinar style, with the main presenter demonstrating a new interesting aspect of technology and learning, and taking questions from attendees. 

What your child will learn

  • Introduction to Scratch programming, a visual block-based programming language that is easy to use
  • An interesting insight into the technologies behind some of our favourite sports
  • The advantages and disadvantages of technology versus human observations in sports

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Meet Leszek

Leszek studies Electronic and Information Engineering at Imperial College London and teaches our coding courses. He loves using his STEM skills to bring people together and recently created an Imperial college fantasy football app that connects 200 players together. 

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"My experience with Fire Tech was amazing, I am so happy that I signed up for it. Now I can code, animate, make video games and make mobile apps!"

Kamran, Junior Coder