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Online - Remote Learning
Sat Feb 6th 3:00pm-4:30pm 1 Days
Online - Remote Learning
Tue Feb 16th 5:00pm-6:30pm 1 Days

Build A Mobile Phone App

Have you ever had a great idea for a simple Mobile App but not known where to start to build it? Join us for an introduction to Thunkable, a block-based programming environment that allows you to build simple Mobile Phone Apps with minimal prior knowledge. Whether you’re looking to create a prototype or the next great app, Thunkable will let you get started easily.




Laptop, required

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Course highlights

Learn the basics of Thunkable

Learn the basics of Thunkable

Learn how to use the Thunkable website to build a simple mobile phone app

Learn to plan out your app

Learn to plan out your app

Learn to plan out what components you will use and how they will interact

Learn to deploy your app

Learn to deploy your app

Learn how you can deploy you app so that your friends and family can use it

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Course Overview

Have you ever had an idea for a simple Mobile Phone App, but no idea how to get started with turning it into a real thing? One place you could start is with Thunkable. Thunkable uses a block-based programming environment in the browser to allow you to quickly build and publish your apps.

In this super creative Fire Tech Experience, we’ll take you through the basics of building your own app, planning out the steps needed, working on the User Interface and creating the logic to make it all work. Best of all is that if you create your own app you can share it with your friends and family for them to use.

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What your child will learn

  • The basics of Thunkable
  • Ideas around what makes a good user interface and what doesn't
  • How to combine the interface of an app with the logic needed to make it work
  • How to plan out what an app will do
  • How to deploy an app so that friends and family can access it

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Meet Leszek

Leszek studies Electronic and Information Engineering at Imperial College London and teaches our coding courses. He loves using his STEM skills to bring people together and recently created an Imperial college fantasy football app that connects 200 players together. 

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"I learnt so much and the course has definitely made me consider studying computer science and coding in the future."

Aaniya, Teen student