#allGirls: Robotics with VEX IQ

All-Girls Teen Robotics and Programming Course

Work together in small teams to master our VEX IQ robotics challenges while learning to code in the C-based programming language ROBOTC. 

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#allGirls: Robotics with VEX IQ

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#allGirls: Robotics with VEX IQ

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Course highlights

Make the future

Make the future

From day one you'll be building robots and programming them, first in a visual language and then in ROBOTC, to follow your commands. The concepts that you use in this course will be the foundations of the megatrends around automation in all walks of life.

Game on!

Game on!

There's something for everyone in this course as your team designs, builds, and codes the robots to tackle exciting challenges. Tournament-style competitions keep it focused and super fun. May the best robot win!

#allGirls environment is special

#allGirls environment is special

In this course, girls take their skills to the next level. Challenges give the builds purpose as the girls see how their work could help solve real-world problems, whether that is disaster recovery or clearing plastic from the oceans. The camaraderie around like-minded girls working towards a goal can foster confidence and connections that last long past camp.

Photo: #allGirls: Robotics with VEX IQ

Course Overview

Changing the future. Making things possible. Unlocking new opportunities. These things are at the heart of technology – and our All Girls Robotics course.

On this course, brand new for 2019, girls aged 12 to 17 can discover the world of robotics in an #AllGirls environment: learning to code in ROBOTC, working collaboratively to tackle robotic challenges and putting their robotic designs to the test against other teams.

Working under the close guidance of our female instructors, teams will design, implement, test and refine their robotic solutions, programming a graphical user-interface before progressing onto the syntax-based language ROBOTC, and using VEX IQ – a leading educational robotics platform that combines snap-together construction with sophisticated coding – to deliver a final product that’s competition ready.

On this course, creativity, programming and problem-solving meet in a thrilling arena that lets young girls get hands-on with coding and engineering.

Whether you want to build for Boston Dynamics, lead the way in machine learning research or launch your own AI startup, this Fire Tech course will open the door to opportunity for you.

Why #allGirls?

Girls make up 28% of students at Fire Tech, which is twice the national average – but not high enough. Lots of girls love creating with tech, and we know even more would love it if they had the chance. But, sometimes, teens are concerned they might be the only girl in their class. That’s why we’re offering all-girl classes, usually led by a young, female instructor – so all girls can work, play and be inspired by tech, in an environment that supports and encourages them.

NB:  Please note that while the intention is to create a very girl-friendly atmosphere, we could accept boys or non-binary students in this programme on a case by case basis. 


What your child will learn

  • Mechanical and engineering design
  • Structural and construction properties
  • Working within design constraints and parameters
  • Working with motors and sensors for automation
  • Programming with ROBOTC, a C-based programming language designed for educational robotics and competitions
  • The product design lifecycle
  • Teamwork and collaboration skills

Student work

Gallery of some past students work from this course

"It was a great experience building the robots and coding them for tug of war, sumo wrestling, navigating mazes and even building things with our robots. I recommend senior robotics and our fantastic teacher. "

Teen Robotics Student