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#allGirls: Teen Coding with Python

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#allGirls: Teen Coding with Python

#allGirls Teen Python Programming Course

Get to grips with one of the world’s most in-demand programming languages in an inspiring, encouraging, all-girl environment on this new course.




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Women in tech

Women in tech

Why should the guys get all the fun? Only 5% of tech leadership positions are held by women, and only 16% of girls have had a career in technology suggest to them. That's nuts! We want to change that by creating a fun, social, supportive environment where girls can find out just how fun and creative tech can be!

Learn world-changing skills

Learn world-changing skills

Led by the expert female tutors, students will put key computing concepts into practice, tackling variables, functions, loops, data structures and more. They'll put the theory into practice as they work on mini-projects, and relate these to how coding can help solve real-world problems.

The bigger picture

The bigger picture

Fire Tech's tech-savvy, enthusiastic tutors will teach you the programming language behind tech behemoths like Facebook, Netflix and Spotify.

Featured FAQ

My Child has done some Python already will he learn anything new on the Python course?

The topics covered in the Teen Coding with Python course cover the equivalent to what your child would do at GCSE and some A-level. This means unless your child is working on A-level Python they will …

Student work

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Course Overview

Only 15% of people in tech are women. We want to change that. On this brand-new course for 2019, young women aged 14 to 17 can learn the fundamentals of Python – one of the world’s most in-demand programming languages – in an encouraging, inspiring #allGirls learning environment.

Led by the expert guidance of our tutors, students will learn about variables, integers, floats, strings, loops, file I/Os and data structures as they tackle their own dynamic project, leaving the course with the confidence they need to use Python independently – and unlocking a world of opportunities in technology.

This is a beginner’s course, but it’s perfect for anyone that wants to go back and master the basics – making it a top choice for GCSE or A-Level Computer Science students.

Whether you want to work at Google, create the next Facebook or shape the landscape of artificial intelligence, at Fire Tech the future of tech is at your fingertips.

Why #allGirls?

Girls make up 28% of students at Fire Tech, which is twice the national average – but not high enough. Lots of girls love creating with tech, and we know even more would love it if they had the chance. But, sometimes, teens are concerned they might be the only girl in their class. That’s why we’re offering all-girl classes, usually led by a young, female instructor – so all girls can work, play and be inspired by tech, in an environment that supports and encourages them.

An #allGirls class, so that #allGirls feel welcome.

NB:  Please note that while the intention is to create a very girl-friendly atmosphere, we could accept boys or non-binary students in this programme on a case by case basis. 

What your child will learn

  • The theory and practice behind designing a simple app or video game
  • The fundamentals of coding, from key concepts and structure of languages
  • How to code in Python, by working on mini-projects, building graphical interfaces, games and problem-solving routines 
  • Designing, implementing, testing, iterating and debugging their own project

#allGirls: Teen Coding with Python FAQs

Questions and answers of the customers

Meet Leszek

Leszek studies Electronic and Information Engineering at Imperial College London and teaches our coding courses. He loves using his STEM skills to bring people together and recently created an Imperial college fantasy football app that connects 200 players together. 

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Fire Tech Camp was a great experience and the best camp I've ever been to. I think the camp does a great job in combining fun with learning.

Emma, 13yr old programmer