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Leader Work Opportunities

Want to join the Fire Tech team? We have a variety of fun & meaningful work opportunities available teaching kids and teens in STEM subjects all over the UK. Whether it be a couple of hours during the week or on the weekend, or joining us at our Summer camps and other week long courses- we have lots of flexible roles available!

 Electronic Engineering and Mechatronics graduate - teaches Junior Adventures in Artificial Intelligence

"I love inspiring kids into STEM and sharing my own enthusiasm for technology with the kids. I believe that skills in STEM will be important for the future of the younger generation. I also love it when I see kids have a ‘light-bulb’ moment when they are learning a tricky concept in tech."

Natasha, A.I.Tutor

University of Bristol graduate - teaches Creating for YouTube, Video Game Design, & Virtual Work Experience

"I love working with FT because of the variety of projects I can get involved with and the flexibility of my role. Getting to learn about new technologies through FT training has been a wonderful perk too!"

Rose, Creative Tutor

"As well as teaching the kids, you learn a lot yourself. Seeing your colleague teach software that you've never seen before makes you think- that looks cool, I could do that!"

Marisol, Python Tutor

“I never really had anyone who was interested in technology to look up to when I was younger. It’s nice to be in a position where I can inspire younger people interested in technology to pursue their passions.”

George, Unity Tutor

"Being a Program Leader is all of the best bits of working with children; creative kids, engaging content & a fun learning environment all rolled into one!"

Anne, Program Leader

Opportunities Available

  • Unity On Campus Tutor

    • Location: London
    • Type: Part Time

    We are looking for fantastic UNITY tutors to join us at our summer camps in London this year! We need tutors who can work in London over the summer break,…

  • On Campus Program Lead

    • Location: London
    • Type: Part Time

    We are looking for fantastic Program Leads to join the team at our in person on campus camps! We need high energy, full of enthusiasm leads to make the…

  • On Campus Tutor

    • Location: London
    • Type: Part Time

    We are looking for fantastic tutors to join at our summer camps this year! We need tutors who can work in London over the summer break, check out the job…

  • Remote Camp Tutor

    • Location: Global
    • Type: Part Time

    We are looking for fantastic Remote tutors to join the team as soon as possible! It is super flexible and you can be based anywhere around the world, check…

The Application Process



The first step is to apply - send us your application - want to hear about you!



Next you will receive an invitation to a 30 min interview either in person at our HQ or an online video call.



You’ll be invited to our training day where you will get to meet experienced tutors and trainers and learn how to deliver Fire Tech courses.



We run your DBS check and references and give you access to our brilliant work opportunities & community!

Frequently Asked Questions


What locations can I teach?

Due to the nature of COVID-19, Fire Tech has moved all of its content to remote learning. Online courses run throughout the year and will continue to run post Covid-19

Remote courses can be taught from anywhere in the world! So you can be in any location and be able to teach.

When it is safe to do so, locations and information about face-to-face camps will be released.

What’s the difference between a residential camp and a day camp?

At our residential camps both tutors and students stay on site, all accommodation & meals are provided and pay is higher due to the bigger time commitment. At our day camps no accommodation/meals are provided- we all head home at the end of the day!

Do I need a DBS certificate & reference?

Yes, you will need a DBS certificate before you start working for us, however Fire Tech will provide & cover the costs of that check for you. You just need to be able to supply evidence that you have a UK address & meet the ID requirements (we will guide you through this). You will also need personal/professional references for us to check. If at the point of application you are waiting for them to confirm that you can use them as a referee, please lodge your application anyway and send through the reference details to opportunities@firetechcamp.com

Do you have any job opportunities overseas?

Yes we sometimes have awesome overseas opportunities for our tutors and teachers! We have sent people to the likes of France, Antigua, The Seychelles & Gibraltar, just to name a few!

I have more questions!

Feel free to give us a call on 02039507310, email opportunities@firetechcamp.com or chat to our Customer service team on our LiveChat- we are always happy to answer your questions!

What is a Fire Tech Experience?

Fire Tech Experiences are regular, super short, high-interest sessions about the very latest developments in technology on topics you will love. Designed and led by inspiring, enthusiastic experts, Fire Tech Experiences introduce you to new worlds and ideas from the comfort of home.

Tutor Info

What is the Tutor pay rate?

The Tutor pay rate varies between £10.85-£14.85  depending on the role and number of hours worked.

From the 21st May 2021, Tutors are able to accrue holiday pay and are paid for any time devoted to training!

What is the time requirement?

What is the time requirement?

Working with Fire Tech is super flexible! You get to confirm which courses you teach, giving you the freedom to dictate your own schedule!

  Week-long courses require you to available from 9.30 am-3.30 pm Monday to Friday

  After-school clubs require you to be available after 5 pm on weekdays for either 1.5 or 2hours

  Other events like webinars, private tutoring and special events can take place at various times and days

What is the difference between a Tutor and the Program Leader Role?

Our tutors teach our courses and need to have studied what they are teaching to the students at a university level. Our Program Leaders must have in depth experience with children (qualifications preferred), they oversee the running of the camp, are the Safeguarding & Paediatric Officers on site. They are responsible in making sure that everyone (students, parents & staff) are having a great Fire tech experience!

What training is provided?

Fire Tech will train you in how to teach our curriculum & deliver our pedagogy to children, Child Safeguarding, how to deliver a fantastic learning experience to our students and to be a great Fire Tech member! If you are a Program Leader you will also get Paediatric First Aid Training & further Safeguarding training.

What kind of courses will I teach?

Depending on what you are/have studied at University it could be anything across coding, robotics, electronics, digital music production, design etc. Don’t worry- we don’t make you teach anything that we don’t think you could handle- ie. you would not be teaching a Teen Python course unless you have learnt it to a satisfactory level!