The Brief

Amazon Future Engineer is a comprehensive childhood-to-career programme to inspire, educate, and enable children and young people, especially those from lower-income communities, to try computer science. Amazon invited Fire Tech to partner with them in running the first-ever Amazon Future Engineer programme outside the US, which is set to reach more than one million children and young people across the UK over a two year period.

How we helped

Fire Tech’s Learning Experience team designed a two-hour robotics workshop for primary school children aged 6-11 years old, the aim of
which was to expose them to computer science and robotics in an inspiring way.
The platforms were chosen, curricula developed, and training was delivered so that the workshops could be successfully delivered by non-technical Amazon employees in the Amazon Fulfilment Centres.
We also selected the platform and developed resources for the Robotical “Marty” robots that each teacher would take back to their school to continue the class’s learning journey.

In addition to the course design and training, Fire Tech is responsible for the marketing to schools and administering all communications with the schools around logistics and execution.

The Results

The robotics workshops have exposed children to how technology works in the real world, and the programme has been accredited by the British Science Association and counts towards a CREST Discovery Award.
The programme is on-going and the goal of reaching 10,000 students over
a two-year period is on track!

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