Fire Tech


The Brief

The National Institute of Science Technology and Innovation (NISTI), a government agency in the Seychelles, were concerned that their young people weren’t learning future-critical technology skills that would give them the chance to have a bright, fulfilling future. They invited Fire Tech to ignite their young people’s interest in technology and grow as problem solvers and changemakers. On a more concrete level, further sponsors ABSA (formerly Barclays) were looking to encourage and skill up local digital talent for their own hiring needs.

How we helped

Fire Tech delivered a coding education programme to 23 young people aged 12-16 from different schools around the island of Mahé. The students had varied ability levels and experience, ranging from no experience at all, to being self-taught in basic coding.

We delivered a Teen Coding with Python course, exposing the students to one of the world’s most popular coding languages, used by many blue-chip software products such as Dropbox and Pinterest. Using our blended learning curriculum, our course gave the students a good foundation in programming and also gave them experience working with online learning resources and challenge-based learning.

The Results

The students very much enjoyed the programme and came away interested in learning more and equipped with confidence, and a number of online learning resources. The feedback was overwhelmingly positive, with students rating the course content 4.7 out of 5. In addition to this, 15 of 18 students felt more skilled at coding by the end of the course, while 17 of 18 reported improving their problem-solving ability. Students were encouraged to relate these new skills to their most pressing local problems, and came up with innovative solutions to local challenges in fishing and tourism.

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