Bleu Blanc Rouge Foundation

The Brief

Fire Tech was invited to run tech workshops for a group of young people from Ethiopia, by the Bleu Blanc Rouge Foundation, at Kingswood Camps in the Isle of Wight.

How we helped

The objective of the programme was to create a fun, engaging, and stimulating two-day workshop to get the students hands-on with technology. The students were from extremely difficult backgrounds in Ethiopia and our workshop was one component of a broader programme they were taking part in to improve their confidence and broaden their thinking around jobs and study paths.

Fire Tech taught 16 students, ranging in age from 16 to 23 years old. They had a wide range of skills and experience, and generally limited English. Over the course of two days, they were introduced to robotics concepts using VEX IQ kits; built, personalised and programmed a “clawbot,” a more complex robot to pick up objects; learned about visual programming capabilities and used sensor inputs, motor and light outputs. At the end of the workshop, they participated in a competitive challenge with their newly-built robots.

The Results

The feedback from the clients was very positive. The students engaged in the workshops, and proved themselves very interested in how technology works. They demonstrated creative problem-solving, curiosity, and a great attitude towards learning during the programme. The Fire Tech tutors also found this workshop very rewarding as they saw the impact it had on the young people.

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