The Brief

With many schools closed due to COVID-19, Amazon Future Engineer in partnership with Fire Tech have launched a free virtual coding programme. This resource is available for students, teachers and parents until the end of the lock down.
These resources cater for students aged 12 to 17 to help build computer science skills for students learning at home and covers computer programming aspects in line with Key Stage 3 and 4 of the English National Curriculum.

How we helped

Fire Tech has put together 20 hours of free Python Programming content, exploring ‘Fourth Industrial Revolution’ themes: including flying drones, designing smart cities and creating chat bots. Giving learners the opportunity to have solved problems of an equivalent level to GCSE Computer Science courses by the end of the course!
The platform is user-friendly and includes handy FAQs as well as a moderated forum to guide students along the way. The platform is also engaging as students earn experience points for completing the work, earn badges when they unlock skills and receive a digital certificate after completing all challenges!
Teachers are also very enthusiastic about the platform as they can remotely use it with their class and access a teacher dashboard, allowing them to track their students’ progress.

The Results

So far, Amazon has sponsored about 30,000 users to access the platform all over the UK!
Most teachers using the platform have confirmed it has helped them teach Computer Science during the lock down and would recommend it to colleagues.

Get in touch

Please provide your contact details and we will be in touch to understand your objectives and propose an impactful programme!

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