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PHOTO: Junior Coder

Junior Coder

Ages: 7-11

A perfect starter course, Junior Coder allows students to delve into exciting projects while gaining insight and experience into many aspects of computer coding - including the likes of robotics, mobile apps, animation, and games – which takes students from the basics in that field to the point where they can design and build their own ideas.

PHOTO: Robotics with Ozobot

Robotics with Ozobot

Ages: 7-12

Students can explore their creativity whilst learning engineering fundamentals. They will design challenges, complete mazes and even make their Ozobots dance! During the sessions students will get the chance to learn how to code using the Ozoblockly coding language, and will see their code come to life once they upload their programs to the miniature robot.

PHOTO: Video Game Design

Video Game Design

Ages: 9-12

The fundamentals covered in Video Game Design are a great first step into the world of coding. Students are introduced to object-oriented programming, and a behaviour-based logic system - applying behaviours and attributions, testing, debugging and fine-tuning products.

PHOTO: Electronics with Micro:bit

Electronics with Micro:bit

Ages: 9-12

With the pocket-size computer, students can invent and create, starting with a visual programming language. Students will get an inside look into the science behind everyday gadgets. As common devices like your car GPS and your fridge become smarter, inventors of the future will need to understand how to connect both hardware and software. Students will learn how to use electronic components such as microprocessors, motors, switches and LEDs to create individually designed projects such as keyboard instruments, temperature sensors or just about anything else they are able to imagine.

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