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PHOTO: About Us

What is Fire Tech Camp?

We are here to help you Make the Future

Fire Tech Camp is the UK's leading provider of tech education for young people 9-17 years old.  We want to help young people make things with technology, and we want them to learn design thinking, problem-solving, communication and collaboration in the process.  Fire Tech brings young people together in small groups, led by inspiring young experts in their fields, to inspire, encourage and support.  We build communities of young people and give them everything they need to be inspired independent learners and creators.  We are building the next generation of innovators.

Our core business is our holiday camps, our afterschool courses, and our weekend Fire Tech Crew exploratory workshops.  We teach coding, making, and digital arts through classes like Video Game Design, Mobile App Design, Robotics, and Digital Music Production.  We look for platforms and projects that are cool and embed learning and then we create our own approach to how to bring those to kids in a way that gives them license to take creative and intellectual risks while finishing original work. We work with schools, corporates and charities on special workshops that focus on bringing the power of tech skills to all kids.  We work with selected partners to develop in new geographies, like Australia.  And we are working behind the scenes on online tools that will strengthen our community and our learners even more.

Our mission is to be the hub for young people and families who want to skill up, get their hands dirty, get straight answers, find resources, and make the future.

Who run Fire Tech

Fire Tech Camp was founded by Jill Hodges, an American technology enthusiast with over 25 years of experience in building and growing new businesses. She has worked in financial services marketing, equity valuation and analysis, and as a management consultant. Jill and her husband have been in Europe for more than 20 years and they have two tech-mad children aged 14 and 16. She is passionate about giving young people opportunities to be creative, and about turning their love of technology into innovation, skills and confidence. Since its launch in 2013 the team has grown to include former teachers, software developers, various IT experts and Marketing gurus. Read on for more about the team and the tutors


Our full time staff include:

PHOTO: Jill Hodges, Founder/CEO
Jill Hodges


PHOTO: David Long, Director of Technology
David Long

Director of Technology

PHOTO: Kirien Sangha, Marketing Manager
Kirien Sangha

Marketing Manager

PHOTO: Charlotte Brierley, HR & Business Manager
Charlotte Brierley

HR & Business Manager

PHOTO: Sean Bint, Head of Learning
Sean Bint

Head of Learning

PHOTO: David Hainey, After School Program Coordinator
David Hainey

After School Program Coordinator

PHOTO: John Wortham, System Administrator
John Wortham

System Administrator

PHOTO: Will Edwards, Community Support
Will Edwards

Community Support


Fire Tech instructors are university students, PhD students, teachers and industry professionals. They are experts in their fields and love to share their passion with the next generation. All staff are background checked (DBS) and trained to run safe, succesful camps. Lead Teachers are senior instructors, and often experienced teachers who oversee camps and courses and ensure that everything we do meets our high standards of quality.


At Fire Tech Camp ensuring the children that attend our camps are safe and well cared for is our first priority. Fire Tech Camp has policies and training in place for all staff to be sure that the children and teens pursue their learning in a safe and supportive environment. We have zero tolerance rules towards bullying and we supervise the kids at all times.

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The Fire Tech Camp Difference

ICON: 8-to-1 ratio

Small Classes, more attention

Our 8:1 Student:tutor ratio ensures your child gets the attention they need to excel. Our support and lead tutors give extra help when needed so that the learning and the fun doesnt have to stop while one student is helped to overcome a challenge.

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ICON: Venue

Venues that inspire

We carefully select the venues for our camps to provide an environment where students can not only focus on work but also be inspired by their surroundings whether it be a prestigous university, a modern school with cutting edge facilities or a FabLab where real businesses develop new technologies.

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ICON: tutor

Skilled, Enthusiastic, Trained Tutors

We recruit the best tutors to deliver our courses. They bring deep content knowledge and heaps of enthusiasm to the task. They are interviewed, background checked, DBS’d and trained to give the students the best experience possible. No volunteers - all our tutors are well paid, technically skilled and highly motivated university students, teachers and industry pros.

ICON: curriculum

PROPRIETARY Curriculum that works!

We have invested in creating our own curricula that are streets ahead, designed to teach both technical and soft 21st century skills while keeping students engaged and having fun. We have had lots of positive feedback but our biggest endorsement is the number of students coming back again and again. We keep our eye on what’s exciting in tech to develop new courses and to continually refine existing onces. We continually refine our courses develop neto keep them up-to-date and give more choice.

The Fire Tech Camp Story

I grew up in a techy family. We worked on “Trash-80” computers, writing fun programs, hanging out on “bulletin boards” and hacking games during the 1980s in America. This was the environment that gave birth to a generation of tech entrepreneurs. But as tech products became more user-friendly, the consumers got further from the code, until the games became a black box.

Today kids love to consume games, apps and other tech, but most don’t know what’s happening behind the scenes. On a 2012 trip to the US, I saw kids and teens getting exposure to coding and robotics in after-school clubs and at summer camps but back home in London I couldn’t find anything similar- so I started it up myself. Today we have a dual mission – giving kids tech “superpowers” and also giving them the 21st century skills they need by taking on original projects, exploring, following their curiosity, taking risks, “failing” to get to a better end result. I love seeing our students immersed in their projects, working closely with their instructors, hungry to learn more. I’m confident that we’re supporting, teaching, and encouraging some of the people who will be leading innovation in this country in a few years’ time.

— Jill Hodges, Founder

What our clients

We love getting feedback - your issues help us improve, and your kind words put big smiles on our faces.

Superb balance of fun and learning; much, much more than just a workshop and great for his [parent’s son] self-esteem and confidence by producing his own game of which he is rightly proud.


A nurturing environment, it’s hard for the camper not to be excited and happy and the parent not to feel warm and fuzzy about the whole experience. Fire stars plus!


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Get in touch

Please dont hesitate to give us feedback, ideas, or ask questions by emailing info@firetechcamp.com or completing the form, below.

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