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What is Fire Tech Camp?

What is Fire Tech Camp?

Creativity. Innovation. Technology. Fire Tech Camp brings these together to empower your child with the right skills and environment so that they can build something amazing. We are a leading tech education provider, putting the power of technology into kids’ hands so that they can create their own games, design smartphone apps, code like a pro, build robots to do their bidding, and learn much more in the fields of programming, engineering, design, making and the digital arts! During school holiday periods and weekends, children aged 9 to 17 spend time gaining great skills, and getting exposure to the inner workings of the games and tech world. Young people will make new friends, stretch their horizons, and enjoy the support of a world-class team. Our flagship location is at Imperial College in London but we also work with other high-tech quality venues across the UK, including in Bristol, Cambridge, Reading, Manchester, Wycombe Abbey in Buckinghamshire and Sedbergh School in Cumbria.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to teach young people to create and innovate through technology.

Our Values

We ascribe to the 4 C’s of 21st Century Education: Creativity, Collaboration, Communication and Critical Thinking. We engage young people in work that is meaningful to them, with the support of a world-class team. We provide parents with an outstanding service and provide kids and teens with an experience that will continue to benefit them long after their course is finished.  We want young people to be able to access technology education, whatever their economic circumstances.

 Jill Hodges, Founder of Fire Tech Camp, is an American technology enthusiast with over 25 years of experience in building and growing new businesses.  She has worked in financial services marketing, equity valuation and analysis, and as a management consultant.  Jill and her husband have been in Europe for more than 20 years and they have two tech-mad children aged 14 and 16. She is passionate about giving young people opportunities to be creative, and about turning their love of technology into innovation, skills and confidence.

Why I Started Fire Tech Camp

I grew up in a techy family. We worked on “Trash-80” computers, writing fun programs, hanging out on “bulletin boards” and hacking games during the 1980s in America. This was the environment that gave birth to a generation of tech entrepreneurs. But as the technology became more user-friendly, the consumers got further from the code, until the games became a black box. Today many of our kids love to consume games, apps and websites, but don’t know how to CREATE in their favourite media. On a 2012 trip to the US, I saw kids and teens getting exposure to coding and robotics in after-school clubs and at summer camps. In fact, one company alone in the US hosts more than 50,000 kids in tech camp programmes each year! When I looked for something similar back home in London I couldn't find any extra-curricular programmes - so I started one up myself.

We are getting young people "under the hood" of their favourite technologies, helping them build something they are proud of.  And we are offering parents a new generation of constructive, stimulating activities for their children during school breaks and on weekends.

Take a look at our locations in London, Surrey, Hampstead, Manchester, Reading, Cambridge, High Wycombe, Bristol, and Sussex.

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