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The UK’s Favourite
Tech Courses for
Kids Ages 8 to 17

Fire Tech is the leading choice in tech education for kids. With over 8 years of experience, we’ve already offered online courses to over 80,000 students around the world. 



From coding, to graphics to AI. We teach the most in-demand, cutting-edge tech skills. Get ahead at school, explore new hobbies and take the technology-driven world by storm.


We only recruit the best tutors, with degrees from top universities. Class sizes are a maximum of 8:1 to ensure your child gets the attention they need to thrive. Ofsted registered.


With our promise made, you can book with us safe in the knowledge that we’re committed to making your child's experience one they’ll enjoy and grow from. Our reviews speak for themselves!


The Fire Tech Difference

PHOTO: Superstar Tutors

Superstar Tutors

Kids rave about our tutors! We recruit inspiring young techies from the UK's leading universities who are experts in their field and love sharing their knowledge with the next generation.

PHOTO: Challenge-Based Learning

Challenge-Based Learning

We believe young people learn best through discovery. Our students learn about virtual reality by designing their own VR worlds; understand how AI algorithms and ethics work by programming a smart home device; and tackle real-life video game studio projects as work experience.

PHOTO: The Hottest Tech Topics

The Hottest Tech Topics

The tech world moves fast. That’s why we spotlight the latest technologies in our courses. Today, we cover artificial intelligence, robotics, virtual reality and cyber security. Tomorrow? The latest game-changing tech!

Which Course Schedule Works for You?

PHOTO: Intensive Week-Long

Intensive Week-Long

Make your half terms or school holiday count! Week-long intensive courses including 5 hours of project-based learning per day, building rapid knowledge and mastery of one technology topic with real-time, live tutors.

PHOTO: After School / Weekends

After School / Weekends

Ideal for tech enthusiasts wanting to continue learning after school or on weekends. Courses build skills and confidence among new technology with real-time, live tutors, while helping students develop students vital skills and let them develop their own tech projects.

PHOTO: Self-Guided


Perfect for any self-motivated student, who wants to learn on their own terms. More than just online learning: students progress is complemented by access to live tutor support when needed.

PHOTO: Experiences


Inspiring 1-hour sessions with live tutors. Learn how to create your own algorithmically-generated beats, use AI to choose your clothes, or build creative projects in Minecraft!

PHOTO: School Holiday Camps

School Holiday Camps

Our in-person camps are back! Use school holidays to let your creativity shine, experiment with the latest tech and learn from expert tutors, and make new friends - while enjoying the summer sun!

Discover our topics & spark your tech creativity

short 1-2 hour online tech courses for kids

Coding & AI

Explore AI. Programme a self-driving car. Code a game. Design an app. Solve problems & discover the thrill of coding!

Video Games Design

Bring new worlds to life! Design games, 3D levels, characters and storylines, and discover how games are produced.
kids learning tech subjects

Digital Creative Arts

Build your creative portfolio! Launch your own YouTube channel, produce music tracks, edit photos, create digital music, and become a digital creator.
FireTech Unlimited Membership

FireTech Unlimited Membership

Great value, unlimited access to our self-guided projects and experiences

Starting at £200 per year
Works out to £16.67 per month

Membership paid annually in advance. Memberships are per household and can be used by multiple students. Subject to our Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

What happens on our courses?

PHOTO: What happens on our courses?
PHOTO: What happens on our courses?
PHOTO: What happens on our courses?

The Fire Tech curriculum team works tirelessly to design new and innovative programmes that give students the best possible experience. That means:

AN INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE: We give students real-time teaching and constant support, while using interactive digital tools like video calls, collaborative whiteboards, and screen sharing. What better way to learn about technology than to use it?

LEARN THROUGH PLAY: kids love our courses because they learn through play. Activities and games are scheduled into the day, and we also include sunshine breaks and movement activities to make sure students do not sit for long periods.

EXCITING CONVERSATIONS: Kids are naturally curious. We love to prompt conversations that help them understand the world around us and develop critical thinking. We might look at examples of how modern companies use robots or wonder how Pac Man got its shape.

NEW FRIENDSHIPS: real human connection has been a big part of why kids are enjoy our courses. In between lessons, they might introduce their pets, talk about the posters in their room or just show their colourful personalities.

A MASTERPIECE TO TAKE HOME: Fire Tech has a project-based pedagogy, meaning everyone graduates from Fire Tech with something tangible that they created to share proudly with family and friends.

PHOTO: What happens on our courses?
PHOTO: What happens on our courses?

I've always wanted to create an app that did restaurant reviews, and I finally got the chance to do it. It was so exciting. Fire Tech makes me think bigger. I'm limitless!

- Memaan, Fire Tech student age 14
PHOTO: Testimonial photo changed to protect privacy

Learn From Expert Tutors

  • We recruit the best

    We select only verified experts, who are passionate about technology and want to make a difference.

  • They receive intensive training

    Every tutor receives dedicated training in our pedagogy, as well as subject-specific training to ensure they're all set to inspire our students to learn and create with tech.

  • Your child's safety comes first

    We put child safeguarding as our top priority. All tutors and programme leaders must pass their DBS screening, and we put careful measures in place to ensure students learn in the safest possible environment in class. 

  • Overseen by expert educators

    Each course is overseen by a programme leader, who is an expert educator with deep experience as a Fire Tech tutor or teacher within the classroom. They are there to observe class behaviour, support our students' wellbeing, and act as point of contact for their parents and families.

Why Fire Tech

We are confident that your child will enjoy learning at Fire Tech, and we have happy surveys to show it.

  • 95% of Fire Tech students would recommend a course to their friends
  • We’ve taught over 1,000,000 hours of online content 
  • Learn from tech-savvy tutors from the UK’s top universities. All are DBS checked and trained in our Child Safety Policies,  and we have robust guidelines to keep your child safe online 
  • We work with international governments & major companies like Amazon, Nesta, Arm and Barclays
  • The course curriculum is designed in-house by our product team who have 50+ years of experience 


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Fire Tech Partners & Sponsors

We work with partners throughout the world, from corporations and governments to civil societies. Our partners include some of the biggest companies in the world like Amazon, Arm, Barclays and Nesta. These partnerships help us to scale our positive learning impact by extending our quality tech education worldwide.

Global Impact

Our social impact initiatives help shape the direction of young innovators around the world.
PHOTO: Tech For the Good of the World

Tech For the Good of the World

Digital leadership sits at the heart of our curriculum, helping young people use tech is a safe, responsible and socially impactful way.
PHOTO: Making STEM inclusive of all

Making STEM inclusive of all

We work in partnership with the likes of Arm, Amazon and StepNow to ensure that the wonderful world of technology is open to all - irrespective of gender, race, or background.
PHOTO: Sponsored Scholarships

Sponsored Scholarships

Our scholarships of up to 100% of fees make our courses accessible and inclusive for children of all economic backgrounds.


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